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Matoran Type
Element Lightning
Preferred regions Powered areas
Transforms into Toa of Lightning

The Vo-Matoran[1] are the Matoran of Lightning.

Abilities and Traits

All Vo-Matoran have innate powers of Lightning, which they gain full access to upon becoming Toa. The Matoran themselves can manifest this power in a resistance to electrical energy.[2]

Physical attributes of Vo-Matoran include blue and white armor and Kanohi.[3][4][5] They are also one of the female Matoran types.

They are known for being included in teams, though Toa Chiara defies this expectation.[6] Vo-Matoran are also regarded as more boisterous than other female Matoran types, such as Ga-Matoran.[7]

Known Vo-Matoran


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