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Matoran Type
Element Plasma
Preferred regions Hot regions[1]
Transforms into Toa of Plasma

The Su-Matoran[2] are the Matoran of Plasma.

Abilities and Traits

All Su-Matoran have innate powers of Plasma, which they gain full access to upon becoming Toa. The Su-Matoran themselves manifest this power to the extent that their bodies are resistant to heat,[3] even more so than Ta-Matoran,[4] and their eyes have protection against bright light.[5]

Physical attributes of Su-Matoran include orange[6] and white[note 1] armor and Kanohi. They are also one of the many male Matoran types.

Known Su-Matoran


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  2. Though it was never directly confirmed that this Toa was once a Matoran, it has been confirmed that next to every Toa was, and that exceptions are limited.[10][11] It is assumed that unless otherwise stated, they were once Matoran.