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"He paused in front of a massive, blackened building that had once housed a forge. Here, construction tools and other equipment had been cast from molten protodermis before being sent on to Po-Metru for finishing."
— Narrator, Mystery of Metru Nui

Ta-Metru Foundries
Status Dismantled
Position Ta-Metru
Pronunciation TAH-MET-troo[1]

The Ta-Metru Foundries, also known as Forges, were manufacturing installations located in the Ta-Metru district of Metru Nui.



The Foundries were the site of the second step in the production process of manufacturing items and tools. After Protodermis was cleansed of impurities in Ga-Metru, it was heated as it traveled through a series of locks to the Foundries. Here, the molten Protodermis was poured into molds, then cast, recast, and recast again until perfect. The skill of the Ta-Matoran worker was essential to this process, as poorly made items would break under stress or fail to function at all.

Certain Rahi lived in the Ta-Metru Foundries, such as the Furnace Salamander, the Hikaki, and the Ranama. Proto Drakes often came to the Forges from Ga-Metru to remove the parasites that latched onto them while swimming. The Vahki Nuurakh kept the Foundries under heavy guard, due to their importance to the production of new items.

The Morbuzakh vine attacking in a Ta-Metru Foundry

Great Cataclysm

Vakama spent almost his entire life as a Matoran in the Foundries. When commissioned to forge the Kanohi Vahi for Teridax, who was then disguised as Turaga Dume, Vakama used his personal foundry to attempt the task. After Vakama made many failed attempts, Toa Mangai Lhikan appeared to Vakama and gave him a Toa Stone, asking him to protect the heart of the city. Before he could continue, the Dark Hunters Nidhiki and Krekka appeared and attempted to capture Lhikan. Nidhiki threatened to drop Vakama into molten Protodermis, and Lhikan surrendered to save him. Nidhiki then did so regardless, but Lhikan saved Vakama with his Fire Greatswords before he was taken away.

After the battle, Teridax came to Vakama's forge, accompanied by several Vahki, and asked about the status of the Vahi. Upon being informed of the lack of progress, he left. Following the directions left with his Toa Stone, Vakama left the Forges for the Great Temple.

When the Toa Metru began their search for the Matoran who knew the locations of the Great Disks, Vakama journeyed to the foundries to find Nuhrii, and asked Brander about Nuhrii's location. Brander, not believing the Toa of Fire was really Vakama, gave him a test, which he successfully passed.

Later on, Vakama found Morbuzakh vines knocking over vats of molten Protodermis, endangering a Matoran. Thinking quickly, he fired a Freeze disk from his Kanoka Launcher and froze the vines, which repelled the plant. Vakama questioned the rescued Matoran about how the vine managed to reach the vats. The Matoran could only tell him that a four-legged creature had snuck in and sabotaged the vat controls. Vakama soon left to resume his search.

In the Great Cataclysm, the Ta-Metru Foundries were badly damaged, along with the rest of Metru Nui.

Great Rescue

During the Great Rescue, Toa Hordika Vakama traveled with Rahaga Norik to his personal forge in search of Airship parts. Finding nothing, he flung a Weaken Kanoka at a wall in anger. The disk caused the wall to crumble, revealing a passage containing a Toa Disk with Nuhrii's mask engraved on the front. The disk caused Vakama to believe he was not meant to become a Toa.

Return to Metru Nui

After the Matoran of Metru Nui returned to the city, they began work on restoring the Ta-Metru Foundries. The damage suffered by the Foundries during the Great Cataclysm was entirely fixed by the Staff of Artakha.

When a fragment of Aqua Magna struck the head of the Great Spirit Robot, the Ta-Metru Foundries were severely damaged, and the Matoran abandoned them. Later, Ta-Metru Foundries, along with all other locations in the Matoran Universe, were dismantled.[2][3]


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