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"Farming lava is one way we keep Mata Nui green and healthy. When lava cools, it makes the best soil. With our farming, Le-Koro grows green, Ga-Koro's waters bountiful, and Onu-Koro's mines rich. But like the two brothers, the fire of the Mangai is both a force of creation, and a force of destruction. To farm lava takes great Courage."
Aft, The Final Chronicle

Lava Farmer
Matoran Occupation
Purpose To make soil from lava
Location Mata Nui

Lava Farmers were Ta-Matoran who drained lava from volcanic areas such as the Mangai Volcano and used it for heating of homes, or hardened it and crafted tools and other useful objects from it.[1] On the island of Mata Nui, the cooled lava also made the best soil and contributed to the health of the Le-Wahi forest, the purity of the waters of Ga-Wahi and the wealth of the Onu-Wahi mines.[2] Lava farming was a dangerous job and required a great deal of Courage.[3][2]

Known Lava Farmers


  • While the Matoran of Voya Nui still believed the Piraka to be Toa, they were tasked with draining Mount Valmai into pits and checking the lava. Some of the Matoran nicknamed the job "lava farming."[4]


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