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Matoran Type
Element Magnetism
Preferred regions Magnetically-attuned regions[1]
Transforms into Toa of Magnetism

The Fa-Matoran[2] are the Matoran of Magnetism.

Abilities and Traits

All Fa-Matoran have innate powers of Magnetism, which they gain full access to upon becoming Toa. The Matoran themselves can manifest this power to the extent that they have a better sense of direction than other Matoran as well as an internal compass.[3] Due to this ability, Fa-Matoran often excel as Navigators.[4] Fa-Matoran prefer to live near magnetically-attuned regions, such as magnetic poles or places with strong magnetic fields.[1]

The armor and Kanohi color of Fa-Matoran is unknown.[note 1] They are also one of the many male Matoran types.

Known Fa-Matoran

  • Jovan (transformed, revived) - A Fa-Matoran who became a Toa, and later a Turaga before being killed during the Great Cataclysm[7]
  • At least one Fa-Matoran who became a Toa of Magnetism and avoided the purge by the Brotherhood of Makuta (transformed)[8]


  • As a result of the danger that Toa of Magnetism posed to Makuta, most known Toa of Magnetism were killed.[9] Until it was disbanded, the Brotherhood of Makuta kept a careful watch over the Fa-Matoran.[10]
  • The elemental prefix Fa- was derived from the surname of Michael Faraday, a scientist known for his work in the field of electromagnetism.[2]


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