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"The obvious answer lay with the Matoran. There was an obvious connection between their labors and the health of the mechanical in which they lived."
— Narrator, Reign of Shadows

Matoran Occupations
Aspect of Society
Location Matoran Universe
Purpose Keep the Great Spirit Mata Nui healthy
Effects Stability of the universe is maintained

Occupations play a vital role in Matoran society. Matoran from all corners of the Matoran Universe exist to work, under the guidance of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. Each Matoran has a job to complete, whether it is assigned by a Turaga (Takua as Chronicler), earned through special competency (Jaller as Captain of the Guard), or adopted in a time of crisis (Piruk as a Spy). It is essential that the Matoran are always working—the Great Spirit suffers when work stops, especially that of the Metru Nui Matoran as they are the Matoran who live inside his brain. Legend also says that workers who perform well at their job are sent to the paradise of Artakha and those who work poorly are sent to Karzahni. As such, Matoran are constantly motivated to continue working.

The types of occupations differ from location to location. Whereas most jobs on Metru Nui were very urban-based, those on Mata Nui, Voya Nui and Mahri Nui were more survival-oriented. Here are all the jobs that Matoran have been known to perform:

Metru Nui Occupations

Occupation-related Matoran tools from various Metru

Mata Nui Occupations

  • Acolyte - A Ko-Matoran who meditated in the Sanctum. A known Acolyte was Lumi.
  • Adept - A Ko-Matoran responsible for deciphering the Prophecies from the Wall of Prophecy. A known Adept was Kylma.
  • Architect - A Ko-Matoran who held a philosophical position closely entwined with the study of the Destiny Virtue. A known Architect was Jaatikko.
  • Astrologer - A Ga-Matoran who recorded and interpreted the movement of the Stars, especially the Red Star, in the Wall of Stars. A known Astrologer was Nixie.
  • Attendant - A Matoran that helped their Turaga with the management of the village and the supervision of events. Known Attendants include Macku and Kotu.
  • Brick-layer - A Po-Matoran who lay the foundations upon which sculptures are built. A known Brick-layer was Bour.
  • Carpenter - A Po-Matoran who worked with wood to build sculptures. A known Carpenter was Pekka.
    • Icesmith - A Ko-Matoran who specialized in the creation of Ice-related items, such as Flags.
  • Flax Maker - A Ga-Matoran responsible for making the Flax that was required for various tasks around Ga-Koro. A known Flax Maker was Amaya.
  • Forest Navigator - A Le-Matoran who was able to easily find their way in Le-Wahi. In Treespeak, a Forest Navigator was known as a Wayfinder. A known Forest Navigator was Tamaru.
  • Gukko Force Member - A Le-Matoran involved with the Le-Koro Gukko-mounted defense unit, formerly led by Kongu.
  • Hewer - A Po-Matoran who worked hard hewing the stones so that they were ready for carving. Known Hewers included Gadjati and Kivi.
  • Ice Carver - A Ko-Matoran skilled in the art of crafting objects out of ice, the most renowned of which was Kopeke.
  • Lava Farmer - A Ta-Matoran who farmed the lava of the Mangai Volcano to preserve the landscape of Mata Nui.
  • Lava Surfer - A Ta-Matoran who surfed on lava, both for entertainment and competitively in the Ignalu sporting events on Mata Nui. A known Lava Surfer was Maglya.
  • Mahi Herder - A Po-Matoran who tended the herds of Mahi on the outskirts of Po-Koro. A known Herder was Golyo.
  • Musician - A Le-Matoran who sang and played one or many musical instruments. Known Musicians included Makani and Sanso.
  • Ngalawa Racer - A Ga-Matoran who participated in the sport of Ngalawa Boat Racing.
Mamru, the Chief Prospector on Mata Nui
  • Prospector - An Onu-Matoran who classified Ore and Protodermis. A known Prospector was Azibo.
    • Chief Prospector - The Onu-Matoran who supervised the work of the Prospectors. The Chief Prospector was Mamru.
  • Quarry Master - A known Quarry Master was Epena.
  • Rahi Tender - A Matoran who tended injured Rahi or those that had been freed from Makuta's infection. A known Rahi Tender was Kotu.
  • Sailor - A Ga-Matoran who traveled Ga-Wahi's waterways and made String and Rope from Flax. Known sailors included Kai and Pelagia.
  • Sanctum Guard Member - A Ko-Matoran who defended the Sanctum. The Sanctum Guard consisted of Pakastaa and Talvi.
  • Scribe - A Ko-Matoran who copied Nuju's translations of the Wall of Prophecy. A known Scribe was Jaa.
  • Shipwright - A Ga-Matoran that built ships from materials such as Rope, Sailcloth and Rigging. A known Shipwright was Marka.
  • Stonemason - A Po-Matoran who took care of the sculptures so that they did not Disintegrate. A known Stonemason was Kamen.
  • Ta-Koro Guard Member - A member of the Ta-Koro military defense unit, formerly led by Jaller.
  • Trapper - A Ko-Matoran who hunted Rahi for the resources they could provide Ko-Koro. A known trapper was Toudo.
  • Tree Keeper - A Matoran who cared for and tended to the Vuata Maca trees.
  • Ussalry Member - A member of the Onu-Koro Ussal-mounted defense unit, led by Onepu.
  • Weaver - A Ga-Matoran who used a loom to create Sailcloth, Nets and Rigging. A known Weaver was Shasa.

Mahri Nui Occupations

  • Aqua Hunter - Also known as Waterhunters; Matoran who searched for food and objects to continue Mahri Nui's survival. One known Aqua Hunter was Dekar.
  • Hydruka Guard - A Matoran who oversaw the harvest of airweed by the Hydruka. One known Hydruka Guard was Reysa.
  • Leader of the Mahri Nui Council - A Matoran who led the Mahri Nui Council. Council Leaders held votes on issues during monthly council meetings. Leadership was rotated among citizens once a month. Known leaders included Defilak and a Po-Matoran.
  • Sentinel - A Matoran who kept watch for threats to Mahri Nui. Some Sentinels commanded giant Air Launchers. One known sentinel was Kyrehx.

Multi-Region Occupations

  • Biologist - A Matoran who studies living organisms, namely the various plants and Rahi which inhabit the Matoran Universe.[1]
  • Carver - A Ko-Matoran or Po-Matoran who carved tools and monuments.
    • Master Carver - A Po-Matoran whose skills and craftsmanship were unmatched. Hafu was a Master Carver.
  • Chemist - A Matoran who experimented on and studied the properties of certain chemicals.[1]
  • Chronicler - A Matoran who witnessed and recorded events.
  • Crafter - A Matoran who crafted tools and other items from Protodermis. One such Crafter was Lhikan.
  • Fruit Stand Keepers - Vendors who sold fruit to local Matoran.
  • Engineer - An Onu-Matoran who developed helpful equipment and gave Miners check-ups. A known Engineer was Nuparu.
  • Guard - A Matoran who stood as a sentry for locations and buildings. Known Guards included Damek, Kaj, Ally, Piatra and Kyrehx. In some villages, special Guard units were formed: for example, the elite Ta-Koro Guard.
The Ko-Matoran Scholar Nuju
  • Hand - A Matoran who was a personal assistant to the Turaga.
  • Healer - A Matoran who cared for injured or sickly Matoran and helped them heal their wounds. Ga-Matoran excelled at this job, and Bo-Matoran were well suited to the task with their intimate knowledge of herbs.[2]
  • Inventor - A Matoran who designed innovative tools and other items to facilitate difficult work. Known Inventors included Balta, Velika, and Defilak.
  • Miner - An Onu-Matoran who dug for Ore, Lightstones and Protodermis in the Great Mine.
    • Mining Captain - The Onu-Matoran who supervised the work of the Miners. The Mining Captain was Dosne.
  • Navigator - A Matoran who makes maps and charts. Due to their inner compass ability, Fa-Matoran excel at this task.[3] Nireta was a Navigator on Mata Nui.
  • Physicist - A Matoran who studies the properties of matter and energy, as well as interactions between the two.[1]
  • Protodermis Miner - Miners specifically employed to dig for Protodermis. Matoran perform safer, easier mining, while beings such as Zaktan worked in harsher sites as slaves.
  • Scholar - A Matoran whose job was to study any one of a myriad of subjects.
  • Spy - A Matoran that monitored the activities of potential foes. A known Spy was Piruk, whose services were employed to spy on the Piraka.
  • Toa Canister Builder - These Matoran are responsible for constructing Toa Canisters.
  • Trader - A Matoran who bought and sold supplies from different villages.
  • Ussal Rider - A Matoran (Usually Le-Matoran on Metru Nui and Onu-Matoran on Mata Nui) who rode an Ussal crab to transport equipment. A known Ussal Rider was Orkahm.
  • Warrior - Occasionally, Matoran were required to defend themselves and became Warriors. A known Warrior was Dalu.


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