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Occupation Lab Worker
Kanohi Kakama
Tools Kanoka Launcher
Status Diminished
Occupation Navigator[1]
Kanohi Kakama[2]
Status Rebuilt
Occupation Navigator
Kanohi Kakama
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna

Nireta is a Ga-Matoran native to Metru Nui.


Metru Nui

Nireta was a Lab Worker on Metru Nui, working in the Ga-Metru Schools. Following an intrusion by Nidhiki in the lab, Nireta cleaned up and informed Toa Metru Nokama that the Dark Hunter had stolen Vhisola's notes.[3][4][disputed; see discussion]

She was captured by the Vahki under the command of Makuta Teridax, disguised as Turaga Dume. She was then forced into a Matoran Sphere but was later rescued by the Toa Metru and awakened on the shores of Naho Bay on the island of Mata Nui.[5][6]

Mata Nui

Nireta was weakened physically during her time in a Matoran Sphere and lost her memories of life on Metru Nui. She took part in the construction of Ga-Koro under Nokama's instruction, using parts of the Airships the Toa had traveled in on the way to Mata Nui.[7]

On Mata Nui, she became a Navigator and map maker.[8]

Nireta working as a Navigator

She was trapped in a sunken hut along with all the other Ga-Matoran during an Infected Rahi attack on the village. She was later freed by Takua and witnessed Gali fighting off the Tarakava.[9]

Shortly before the Bohrok Invasion was ended, Nireta also took a last stand with Nokama, Onewa, and the other Matoran, during the Attack on Ga-Koro, shortly before the Bahrag were defeated by the Toa Mata.[10][11][12]

During The Rebuilding, Nireta was rebuilt into stronger form resembling the one she had had on Metru Nui.[13] She later provided Hahli with a Map of Ga-Koro in exchange for five Widgets.[8]

Return to Metru Nui

To make the return trip to Metru Nui, Nireta helped in the construction of Boats.[3] She also helped repair broken parts of the city upon arrival. She temporarily stopped her work of reconstruction on order of Jaller, to force the Turaga to reveal where the Toa Nuva had gone, but she eventually got back to work.[14]

Following the death of Teridax in the Battle of Bara Magna, Nireta shifted to Spherus Magna with the other surviving Matoran of the city.[15][16]


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