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"Who can walk silent in the Wood? Taku-cry and Fikou-chirp, windhorn and trunkdrum, all around is the ceaseless junglesong, dawn, highsun and night!"
Makani,The Final Chronicle

Matoran Occupation
Purpose Sing and/or play an instrument
Location Le-Koro (formerly)
Spherus Magna

A Musician is a Matoran, usually a Le-Matoran, who sings and/or plays a musical instrument. Musicians often specialized in one type of instrument, and drew inspiration from the ambient chatter of the surrounding Le-Wahi treetops. Musicians also believed that their work of uniting their voice with this music was the duty of all Le-Matoran, and that the Principle of Faith was instrumental in their ability to perform this duty.

Six types of instruments have been known to have been played by Musicians. These include drums, a trumpet-like double-bored instrument, a bell tree-like percussion instrument, a triple-belled lower brass-type instrument, a wooden flute-like instrument, and a xylophone made from Madu shells. The flute and the drums also served as signals for the Le-Matoran.


When Takua traveled to Le-Koro, he found it to be deserted. He discovered an abandoned flute, and using the flute song that had been fitted into it, played a melody. The Le-Matoran emerged from their hiding spots, realizing that the coast was clear. After rescuing Turaga Matau and other Le-Matoran from the Nui-Rama Hive, the Le-Matoran put on a celebratory concert and the Turaga gave to Takua a Flute song that when played, summoned a Kewa to him.

After the Rahkshi attacked Ta-Koro, the musicians of Le-Koro alerted Lewa of the disaster by drumming.

Known Musicians