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Battle for Power
Battle for Power Game Main Screen.png
Online Game
Platform Online
Controls Various

Battle for Power is an online game where players can choose which side to play as: The Toa Nuva Phantoka or the Phantoka Makuta. The game itself is divided into five separate mini-games per side.


Gameplay begins at the front page, where players are shown the Phantoka Mini Movie and directed to a page which shows the two teams, and how much territory each controls. By clicking either team's picture, players are directed to that team's page, where they can view a map of the Matoran city with sections of the map colored depending on which faction controls it, as well as unlocked characters. Clicking the arrow next to each character brings the player to gameplay with the selected character.


If playing as Vamprah or Pohatu, the objective is to fly through Karda Nui and destroy all enemies. A secondary goal is to prevent the player character's enemies from "rescuing" their respective Matoran. Enemies who successfully rescue their Matoran become aggressive and faster; rescued Matoran also subtract from the score. Scores are totaled to give the player's side (good or evil) either ten, fifty, or one hundred points.

The game is divided into five levels, which are in turn divided into two parts. The first part of every level consists of collecting ten ammunition pieces of varying sizes (Midak Spheres for the Toa, and Tridax Pods for the Makuta) in ten seconds, as measured in the symbols at the top of the screen. The second half of each level is a fighting one, in which players must defeat a certain number of enemies (Two in the first level, three in the second, six in the third, eleven in the fourth, and nineteen in the fifth) from the opposing team in as little time as possible. At the beginning of each fight mode, all enemies are passive, and will slowly try to reach the Matoran at the bottom of the screen and take them to the top.

Players must defeat all the Makuta or the Toa Nuva by shooting at them with Shadow energy bolts or Light balls (launched from a Midak Skyblaster). If the Toa/Makuta are not stopped before they reach the top of the screen, the Matoran will get on the Toa/Makuta's back. Once ridden, the Toa/Makuta and Matoran pair will become aggressive, faster, and tougher to defeat. Coming into contact with an enemy will cause the player's character to bounce back and freeze for a second. Players lose the game once all the Matoran in play are rescued.

Scoring follows the following formula, calculated at the end of each level: (Number of ammunition collected in part one) X (Number of Matoran left after part two) X (100) - (Number of seconds used to complete both parts)

Numerous power ups are available, depending on if players have both characters for each pairing of canister set/Matoran. If they only have the canister set, then they fly slowly, their shots are less powerful and less rapid, and have less time to complete part one of each level (signified by a yellow time bar). If they have the Matoran, their weapon is upgraded to defeat any enemy, their rate of fire is increased, they can fly faster, and their time to complete the first part of each level (signified by a green time bar) is increased to ten seconds.


  • Arrow Keys - Movement
  • SpaceBar - Fire Shadow Energy balls or Light balls (Fight Mode)


If playing as Pohatu, the player must fight against Antroz, Vamprah, and Chirox. If playing as Vamprah, the player must fight against Kopaka, Lewa, and Pohatu.


  • AVG825 - Vamprah
  • PRA628 - Vamprah
  • OPO612 - Pohatu
  • OAU867 - Pohatu


If playing as Kopaka, the objective of the game is to defeat each Makuta three times. The player, in turn, loses if he/she is defeated the same number of times.

The game has three levels, one for each Phantoka Makuta. Each one of the characters have three lives, represented as Matoran. When a character loses a life, he will go to his "Matoran group" and pick up a Matoran (He is still vulnerable to attack in this short time). Once the opponent loses all three lives, the player continues to the next level. However, the player keeps the same number of lives as the previous level. The game is over once the player loses all three lives, or defeats all three Makuta.

To defeat an opponent, the player must shoot light balls at the Makuta. A damage meter records how much damage a character has taken, and once it fills, that character loses a life.

There are also some power ups that increase the power of the blasts, the speed of the user, or even restore all health. These power ups fall from the sky, and only work with the character if he picks it up. When a power up is retrieved, a yellow time bar appears. It counts down the amount of time that the power up will be able to be used.

When a BIO Code is used, the position of the character's Matoran is shown in a more aerodynamic position, and the character flies faster. Plus, the player starts out with three extra bomb power ups.


  • Arrow Keys - Movement
  • 9 - Rapid fire
  • 0 - Activate special power (power up)


In single player matches, the player must fight against Antroz, Chirox, and Vamprah. In two player matches, the players compete against each other with one playing as Kopaka and the other one of the Makuta.


  • KPK858
  • LES485 - Unlocks Multiplayer.


If playing as Antroz, the objective of the game is to bomb Av-Matoran dwellings, as well as the Matoran themselves, with Tridax Pods. The game functions about an unchanging map of a Stalactite Village, with mountains and ground represented. Scattered along this map are Matoran dwellings, and enemies. The dwellings are highlighted in differing colors, and each must be bombed with a different type of Tridax Pod, in accordance. Each level must be completed within five minutes, or the player loses. Scoring is based off the following formula: (number of dwellings bombed)400+(number of enemies defeated)300-(Amount of time taken, in seconds)-(number of missed bombs)10

Without Radiak's BIO Code entered, the player controls Radiak, tethered to Antroz by a line of circular lights, representing the player's lives, and shortening in accordance. By maneuvering Radiak, Antroz can be rotated around the player. Deaths occur when Radiak crashes, or when he contacts an enemy or a light blast. Antroz is immortal, bouncing off of the landscape and destroying enemies. Thus, Antroz can alternatively be used as a shield or weapon, as the situation requires.

With Radiak's BIO Code entered, Radiak is attached to Antroz's back, and they are controlled as one entity by the player. The duo is immune to all damages save Solek's light spheres and the ground, and will instantly defeat any enemy they touch. Plus, speed and agility are enhanced.


  • Mouse - Controls the movement of Radiak and Antroz
  • Left and Right Arrow Keys - Switches between the different types of Tridax Pod
  • Up Arrow Key - Fly faster
  • Left Mouse Button - Releases a Tridax Pod from Antroz's chest


  • Solek - Fires light spheres when passed.
  • Photok - Flies around randomly.
  • Tanma - Attacks when passed


  • AID732
  • NRZ981


In this game the player must play as Chirox, who is paired with Kirop. The objective of the game is to pursue an Av-Matoran. The player also must avoid hitting other Makuta and the scenery, and try to defeat the Toa Nuva by firing at them. To complete the level the player must destroy the Matoran's jetpack. Each level must be completed before the Matoran escapes, or the player loses.

If the player destroys a Toa Nuva, he gets one hundred points. If he destroys a Makuta, he loses 50 points.

This game also features speed and shield power-ups.


  • Space - Fire; hold for a more powerful blast
  • Up and Down Arrow Keys - Movement


  • Vertical Toa Nuva - These Toa Nuva just fly up and down until Chirox destroys or dodges them. Takes two shots or one powerful shot.
  • Flying Toa Nuva - These Toa Nuva fire light bolts at Chirox. The player can dodge or fire shadow bolts at the Toa. Takes two shots or one powerful shot.

There are also vertical Makuta and flying Makuta. The player has to dodge them both in order to not lose any points.


  • OIP492
  • XHO369


The object of this game is to flee from the Makuta, while repairing the player's jetpack. Speed and health powerups are available. Naturally, there are enemies - the Makuta - which the player can ignore or attack (see Enemies section). The player also has to try to avoid hitting any rocks such as the ceiling and the floor of a cave or any rock obstacles that stands outside.

One BIO Code allows Tanma to have a stronger short ranged attack, which damages opponents faster and can deflect their attacks, whereas the other adds two figures on the display. Upon reaching them, a bonus will be added to the player's score.


  • Space - Attack
  • Up Arrow Key - Use Jetpack


  • Vertical Makuta- these Makuta only fly up and down the screen until Tanma passes them by dodging or using his attack. Takes two hits unless the player smacks them to an obstacle which defeats them faster.
  • Flying Makuta- these Makuta have their respective Shadow Matoran and they will shoot shadow bolts if Tanma is in front of them. The only way to get pass these are to either dodge or use attack. Takes two hits also unless the player smacks them to an obstacle which defeats them faster, or bounces the Makuta's shot shadow bolt back to the Makuta.


  • MNT448
  • WAL886


In this game the player controls Gavla, who is paired with Vamprah. The objective is to bomb the Av-Matoran villages with Tridax Pods. In order to get the respective color's Tridax Pod, the player has to find the Shadow Matoran that throws the Pods in the air and catch them. Only one color Tridax Pod can be used at a time.

When both BIO codes are entered, the amount of Tridax Pods that can be held increases.


  • Mouse - Movement
  • Left Mouse Click - Drop Bomb
  • Up Arrow Key - Speed Boost


  • Solek - Disables a Shadow Matoran's ability to throw Tridax Pods.
  • Photok - Shoots light bolts
  • Tanma - Chases the player


  • BIO639 - Increases Tridax Pod number (This code can only be accessed after the Gavla game has been completed by the player.)
  • BIO224 - Increases Tridax Pod number (This code can only be accessed after the Gavla game has been completed by the player.)

Toa Ignika

The object of this game is to take out the Makuta on the ceiling who are dropping Tridax Pods on the Av-Matoran and prevent the Makuta from turning all the Av-Matoran into Shadow Matoran. While riding on the Skyboard, the player must either ram or shoot falling Tridax Pods out of the way. Additionally, the Makuta hanging from the ceiling and those flying around must all be defeated to advance a level.

An extra two-player mode is available, where the second player uses the keys 1, 2, 4, and 5 to control Lewa Nuva and Tanma to assist Toa Ignika. Playing a multiplayer game still earns points for the team in the overall Battle for Power rankings.

The game features several power-ups seen in other games, including health, shielding, rapid fire, firing multiple bolts, stronger attacks, missile-like blasts, and a lightning bolt that destroys all enemies above and below Toa Ignika. Also, a brand new power-up is available, where Toa Ignika destroys all nearby enemies within a short range while the Kanohi Ignika appears shortly.


  • Arrow Keys - Movement
  • 9 - Rapid fire
  • 0 - Activate special power (power-up)


  • Stationary Makuta - These Makuta rest at the top of the screen and drop Tridax Pods to infect the Av-Matoran below.
  • Flying Makuta - These Makuta fly around the screen and launch shadow bolts at Toa Ignika.


  • IGA362
  • BIO487 - (This code can only be accessed after the Toa Ignika game has been completed by the player.)

Av-Matoran/Shadow Matoran

In this game, the player chooses to play as either the Av-Matoran or Shadow Matoran. The objective is to get their Matoran safely to the Swamp of Secrets first, but there are obstacles along the way. Players must also collect either light spheres (for Av-Matoran) or Tridax Pods (for Shadow Matoran) and not collect the opposite ones for points. There are also some Toa Nuva and Makuta obstacles flying around as the players travel down. The Matoran must avoid hitting the Toa Nuva, Makuta, opposite spheres and the walls or else they will receive damage. Once they reach towards the bottom, players must fly down carefully to accomplish a soft landing and they will either earn 1,000 points for first, or 500 points for last. Scores will be measured by health and accuracy as well.


  • Up Arrow Key - jump off (after the timer reaches 0) and to slow down
  • Left and Right Arrow Keys - moves the Matoran respectively (also slows down the Matoran from falling).
  • Space - To attack. Can be used to knock the Toa Nuva or Makuta Obstacles out of the way. If pressed while playing as Tanma, he will swing his blades.


  • BIO527 - Multiplayer; Av-Matoran (This code can only be accessed after the Av-Matoran game has been completed by the player.)
  • BIO962 - Increases damage resistance; Av-Matoran (This code can only be accessed after the Av-Matoran game has been completed by the player.)
  • BIO502 - Multiplayer; Shadow Matoran (This code can only be accessed after the Shadow Matoran game has been completed by the player.)
  • BIO376 - Increases damage resistance; Shadow Matoran (This code can only be accessed after the Shadow Matoran game has been completed by the player.)


Players can choose either the Toa Nuva (Kopaka or Pohatu), the Makuta (Antroz, Vamprah or Chirox), the Shadow Matoran team (Gavla, Radiak and Kirop) and the Av-Matoran team (Tanma, Solek and Photok). The player can also control Toa Ignika, Gavla, and Tanma. The Kopaka game can also be played at

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