Giant Axe

This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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Giant Axe
Manufacturer Artakha[1]
Users Axonn
Tuyet (briefly)[2]
Function Melee combat
Channeling energy
Status In use

Axonn channeling his energies through the Giant Axe to blast a carving into a stone
The Giant Axe in set form

The Giant Axe[3] is a large Protosteel weapon carried by Axonn. It has the power to channel Axonn's energy, and is capable of slicing through most known substances. It is also known to be able to cleave a mountain in half.[4][5] The axe also returns to Axonn when thrown.[6]

Example Usage

In If a Universe Ends, Axonn used his Giant Axe to blast a carving of a Kanohi Hau into a stone.

Set Information

The Giant Axe was released in 8733 Axonn in 2006. It is comprised of ten pieces.