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"I think not!"
— Me, being totally epic near the end of Dead Space

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Mask Great Faxon
Powers Shadow, 42 Krataa Powers, Extreme weapons skill
Tools Various weapons (previously), Shadow Kiyora
Status Alive
Vezon X
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Powers Copying, enhanced senses, enhanced strength, shadow
Tool(s) Staff of De Fusion, various weapons (previously)
Status Alive
Pronunciation SEER rup, vey ZONN ecks

Krahtaamasta has been known to become mentally unstable and take on various personalities. Two of the main ones are listed.

Seerup was a Makuta that belonged to Teridax's high guard. He and several of his colleagues learned of Teridax's plan long before he revealed it, but went along with it to get in closer with Teridax himself. Finally, he and the rest rebelled against Teridax, starting a miniature civil war on the island of Destral. For over 200 years, Seerup sat in a cave honing his powers and is now considered almost as powerful as Teridax.

Vezon X, on the other hand, is a psycopath. Having been created by a Brotherhood of Makuta experiment, he was given the Staff of De Fusion (the parallel to what had created him) as a reward for being the only surviving test subject. He went rogue, however, and escaped, wandering aimlessly and killing for no reason. He was captured by the Order of Mata Nui and trained how to control his anger. Although his broken mind tends to send him into rants and crazy monologues, and, in several cases, has just made babbling noises. He has a short tempter, however, and should not be trifled with.

Who is Krahtaamasta?

Well, I would hope the answer to that question to be simple, seeing as you're on his page! Krahtaamasta would be me! I can't tell you much, other than that my name is Jeremy and I live in north western Washington. No, not D.C. I am actually quite tired of telling people that I live in Washington state, which is on the other side of the country, and looks oddly enough like a square whale.

I am 18 years old and I am as lazy as can be. I don't get good grades, but that's not my fault. I blame global warming. And the economy... and the Rahkshi.

I like to do very artistic things, though, admittedly, I'm not very good. I write songs, poetry, I draw, and make videos for YouTube (which you can find under the name "Vezonmasta")(Warning: some videos may contain material not suitable for younger audiences, including videos including Bionicles, so viewer discretion is advised.).

I also have a lot of free time on my hands. Yet strangley enough, I have so much free time on my hands, that I honestly don't have any at all!


I have several hobbies, most of which I have trouble enacting (ADHD, combined with manic depression prevent me from doing a lot of things, because I not only quickly lose interest, but I also become very, very troubled with making decisions, so that's why I only do this stuff sometimes). Anyways, things I like... um...

Well, I like to listen to music. I have a lot of favorite bands, such as Skillet, Metallica, Slipknot, Linking Park, Disturbed, and several others. I also like to play video games I only have a PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS, and finally bought a PlayStation 3. I love to play Pokemon on my DS. I like to read and write, and have several fanfictions on my computer, as well as the beginning of a novel. Although I tend to avoid people, there are some that I like to talk to, so I like to text and make calls to all my close friends (most of which, by the way, don't live anywhere near me). And, of course, I like Bionicles! And to make videos... as stated above. I like to draw, and do other artistic stuff that I'm not very good at, though I continue to try, and I like to do social networking (Facebook). That's about it, I suppose.

Some Philosophy

My children, follow my word and please, read these philosophical creations of which I speak!

  • A heart which is blackened, is one which still beats. (c) of me, 2010
  • Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself.
  • Heck hath no fury like a woman scourned.
  • That which cannot be justified is neither right, nor punishable. (c) me, 2010
  • The worst feeling is not death, it is knowing you aren’t needed, that you are alone in this world, and that you no longer have a reason to live...
  • When all else fails, then something is wrong. (c) me, 2010
  • A dwarf on a giant's shoulder sees farther than both.
  • Opportunity comes only to those who have power. (c) Hamm, 2008
  • The best intentions are fraught with disappointment. (c) Gil Grissom

Why "Krahtaamasta"?

Well, my friends, that was a typo. Sort of. You see, I had forgotten how to spell Kraata. So I just guessed and wound up with this. The full name comes from the fact that at the time I had created this account, I was roleplaying as a super awesome Makuta (Seerup) on a chatroom website, and I had mastered all of the Kraata powers, so to speak. So that's the meaning behind the name.

How did I first get into Bionicle?

Back in 2001, when we weren't in such an economic rut, I was having a problem. I live in a single parent household, raised only by my mother, and I tended to have nightmares, and get cold very easily. So, naturally, I would crawl in bed with my mother and sleep all through the night. It was proposed that I be rewarded for sleeping in my own bed for a certain period of time. After a long while, one of the rewards I was presented with, was a Bionicle. Onua to be exact. Back then, Bionicle was a part of Technic, and I had always loved Technic. I had so many cars, some Throwbots and RoboRiders, but Onua was different. He was an action figure and he was awesome. I remember pretending like he was a robot hero that kept saving towns and getting medals from the Mayor. Good times, good times...



Early Life

Approximately 100,000 yearws ago, Seerup was created by Mata Nui using a substance known as Antidermis on an island on one of the southern chains of the Matoran Universe. Like all other Makuta, he was created to be a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta, an organization tasked with maintaining order in the universe and serving the will of Mata Nui. The Brotherhood primarily fulfilled this goal by creating Rahi to populate the universe. He was a very skilled soldier and soon gained the interest of Teridax, along with several other members.

Teridax's Takeover

When Makuta Teridax took over the Brotherhood of Makuta, Seerup went along with the idea, though secretly plotted to rebel, knowing that this was not the will of Mata Nui. He and the rest of his group convened several times over the next 10 years, planning what they were going to do. One day, they decided to take action and struck down one of Teridax's close advisors, sparking a small conflict that resulted in a confined civil war. Seerup and his allies managed to escape, though only 12 others survived.


Over the next 230 years, Seerup sat in a cave, honing his skills to the maximum, and becoming extremely powerful. Not much is known other than this.


The other 11 Makuta that had rebelled found Seerup once again and asked him to join them as their leader in order to become a fighting force against the Makuta. He reluctantly agreed, and they formed the League of 12 Shadows, each being numbered with a negative number from 1 to 12, and Seerup taking the mysterious number Negative Zero.

Abilities & Traits General

Seerup is extremely powerful and intelligent, being second only to Teridax and Miserix.

Abilities & Traits Mask and Tools

Seerup wears the Kanohi Faxon, the Mask of Kindred, which allows him to copy the powers of Rahi that share his environment. Over the years, he has used various swords and tools, and now carries a Shadow variant of the legendary sword Kiyora. With it, he can attack and defend with great skill.


  • Seerup has a tendency to shapeshift his mask to various forms, and although in the above pictures it looks like a Kraahkan, it is in fact, a Faxon
    • Several times, he will shapeshift it so it only has one eyehole like Tobi
  • The actual set doesn't have a mask just a piece of Sharpied out duct tape with a single eyehole

Vezon X


Vezon X was created in an experiment by the Brotherhood of Makuta to try and excel the powers of Skakdi, which had been tampered with by Makuta Spiriah. Being the first survivor, he was given the parallel to the weapon that had created him, which happened to be the Spear of Fusion. This weapon was appropriately named the Spear of De Fusion. Despite this, he was locked up for his insanity, which dwarfed the future ex Piraka Vezon's. Treated like an animal, Vezon X managed to escape by using the weapon he was given, which happened to be the downfall of the plan for him.

Time Lapse

After his escape, Vezon X wandered aimlessly with nowhere to go. Since he didn't know any better, was angered if someone so much as looked at him wrong, he went about killing Matoran without cause. He was located by Botar for so much murder and was brought to the Order of Mata Nui. They were able to teach him how to control himself.

Abilities & Traits General

As a result of his creation, Vezon X has no unique powers of his own that the other Skakdi possess. However, he was subsequently given Shadow powers as a temporary replacement by the Brotherhood to make up for this. After his escape, the Makuta have not been able to shut off his Shadow powers. He is also completely insane, but despite this, he is a great tactician, and very intelligent and retains all of his previous persona's memories.

Abilities and Traits Mask and Tools

Vezon X wields the Spear of De Fussion which can only seperate things, be them organic or inorganic, sentient or non sentient. It's powers were much more powerful than that of the Spear of Fusion on reverse, and could go so far as to seperate the molecules of the target very painfully until nothing remained. Vezon X used this spear to escape his cell on Destral and kill the guards, as well as several Rahkshi.

Vezon X Trivia

Set list

Because everyone else has one! Woo hoo!



  • Gali Nuva
  • Lewa Nuva
  • Pohatu Nuva
  • Onua Nuva
  • Kopaka Nuva




  • Matau Hordika



  • Jaller Mahri
  • Hahli Mahri
  • Nuparu Mahri
  • Hewkii Mahri
  • Matoro Mahri
  • Kongu Mahri


  • Pohatu
  • Kopaka
  • Lewa
  • Tahu
  • Gali
  • Onua



  • Tahu
  • Takanuva
  • Gresh
  • Skrall
  • Piraka


Well, this is the last of it, for now, but I'll probably write more later, when I have the time. Thank you, and good night.