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"Roodaka watched with amusement as Nidhiki tried to master his new body. He was stumbling about on the sand, trying to move like a Toa but a prisoner of the monstrous form her mutation spinner had given him."
— Narrator, Birth of a Dark Hunter


Norik and Iruini mutated into Rahaga
Associated Kanohi Mask of Mutation
Matoran prefix None
Associated colors None

Mutation is a power that changes the molecular structure of a target. Mutagens only cause physical change and also effect non-living objects[1][2] but cannot change one's destiny.[3] Beings with a mutation power cannot mutate themselves.[4][5][6][7] In some cases, mutations can also cause fusions of two or more beings.[8][9][10]


Mutated Beings

Energized Protodermis

Hordika Venom

Pit Mutagen

Roodaka's Rhotuka



  • The Bohrok-Kal may have been created using Hordika venom or a variation of that.[39]
  • The Pit Mutagen affects organics, but much more slowly.[40]
  • The Mask of Life can reverse mutations, but not cause them.[41][42][43]
  • The Dark Hunter Tracker has claimed to be either a victim of the Hordika Venom or Roodaka's mutation spinner.[44]
  • Voporak's unique mutation is the result of combining Energized Protodermis, Roodaka's mutation spinner, and other mutagens.[45]


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