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The Mask of Creation
Legendary Mask Power
Associated Kanohi Mask of Creation
Matoran prefix None
Associated colors None

Creation is a Legendary Mask Power in the Matoran Universe.[1]


Creation is an important value in the Matoran Universe, and is intrinsically tied to the minds of its inhabitants. Though lacking a physical manifestation, Creation is an ability possessed by all within the universe. If the Mask of Creation were to be destroyed, almost everyone would suddenly lose their ability to create new things.[2] Mata Nui and the Makuta were given the ability to create independent of the mask.[citation needed]


  • Creating inorganic objects without need of raw materials[3]
  • Providing detailed schematics of a desired creation mentally[4]


The Legendary Mask of Creation is the only known object that has the power of Creation. After 100,000 years of common use, Artakha is able to fully manipulate Creation using the Mask of Creation with little to no trouble at all.[5]


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