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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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Toa Mata Commercials


Rahi Promo Commercial

McDonalds Commercial

LEGO Board Games Commercial

Bohrok Commercial

BIONICLE: Matoran Adventures

Toa Nuva Commercial

McDonalds BIONICLE Card Game Commercial

Tahu Nuva vs Kohrak

Bohrok-Kal Commercial

Rahkshi Commercial

Rahkshi Rocks

2003 Titans Commercial

BIONICLE Style Guide

BIONICLE Movie DVD Commercials

Toa Metru Commercial

Vahki Commercial


Krekka Commercial

2004 Titan Commercial

Norik Commercial

2005 Titan Commercial


Comic 24: Shadow Play

"Hero" Music Video

Piraka Commercial

Extended Piraka Rap

Toa Inika Commercial (music)

Barraki Commercial (French)

Squid Launcher Instructional Video

"Singing Squid"

Toa Mahri Promotional Animation

2007 Warriors Commercial


"Gravity Hurts" Music Video

"Closer to the Truth" Music Video

Antroz Test Animation

2008 McDonalds Commercial

Glatorian Legends Commercial

"Bye Bye Babylon" Music Video

Faber Files

Hit the Slopes Stop Motion

LEGO Build Zone: Bionicle Tahu

LEGO Build Zone: BIONICLE: Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder

Pirates vs. Tahu - LEGO - The Misadventures of Brickbeard #4

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