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Toa Hafna Nuva
BS01 Status new to BS01
Usual Online Time Alot more than you! =P
BZP Name Toa Hafna Nuva
BZP Status I don't know.
Online Jobs
Age 13
Gender male
Height 5'6"
Nationality US citizen
Character(s) Lewa Nuva , Malum, Gresh
Set(s) Malum, Jaller, Tuma
Color(s) Green
Food(s) Thornax Stew! They taste like tires!

Hi, this is Toa Hafna Nuva, except that I am also a Makuta, so you can call me a Toakuta!

Real Life

Hello to all of you reading this. If you are reading this, that means you've stumbled upon the user page of Toa Hafna Nuva, also known in real life as **** (Sorry, my real name is currently confidential ^_^). I am currently in 7th grade, and I go to school in ******* (Also confidential.). I'm also a Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, and my Martial Arts school is called ******** **** ****** (Can't let you know too much about me!). My best friends are ********, ******, and **** (Sorry, confidential too!), and they all have siblings, unlike me! I live with both my parents and my two cats at ** *** ****, ***** ****** **. (Thats where I live, so it's confidential too.) Now more about my history. I was born in a log cabin many years ago... just kidding! My first set was Toa Mata Lewa, which my dad bought for me when I was 5 or 6. I was not really into bionicle for 2001 to 2004, but from 2005 on, it's been my biggest hobby/interest. I am also a huge Star Wars fan.


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I hope I don't seem like a showoff, but I really do have all these sets.









I have all of them, but I will list them anyway.


Matoran Universe

My Matoran Universe history is, unlike real life, no secret. I was once a Le-Matoran on the Northern Continent, where I worked as a Kanohi and tool maker. One day a Toa, or maybe a Makuta in disguise, came and gave me a mask design, three weapon designs, and a Toa Stone, or it could be considered a Tokuta Stone, because when I put it in the Toa Suva, I transformed into half Toa Nuva, half Makuta. I then created the weapons, which were an Energized Shadow Sword, a Protosteel Razor-Edged shield, and a shoulder mounted projectile launcher that launches magnetized iron pellets that burrow through armor into the muscle of the target, where they release acidic poison that dissolves the target from the inside out. Then I created the mask, which was the only mask of Extreme Fighting Skill, which makes the user unbeatable in fair combat. At one point, I got into the Codrex, but the door closed and I was trapped. When the Toa Nuva entered, I hid using my camoflauge power. Right before the Energy Storms started, I accepted death. But then I heard a voice, it said to grab the only unsecured item in the Codrex. I instantly said, "Who are you!?" The response: "Trust in the mask. Let it be your guide." I then said, "Who are you, Turaga Vakama!?" But then I realized it was the Ignika speaking to me. So I grabbed the mask and held on with all my might when it, and I, were launched out of the Codrex, out of Karda Nui, out of the Matoran Universe altogether. We were flying through open space when I looked back and saw my home like never before. I saw that all that had ever happened in the Matoran Universe had happened inside the body of Mata Nui. Then from the shock of seeing Teridax take over and The Plan completed, I lost consciosness.

Bara Magna

When I next knew what was happening, I was alone in a desert. My first thought was Po-Metru, but then I remembered what had happened, and realized the Ignika was gone. I started to walk to the nearest settlement, which was located in a canyon. But on my way there, I encontered a tribe of what looked like Toa, but my telescopic lens identified them all as Vorox, which I had never heard of before. I quickly shot a bolt of shadow intertwined with Lightning. The Vorox immediately dove back under the sand. I then saw a reddish figure that I identified as Malum. "I'm gonna beat you to a pulp," he said. I responded, "Quiet," and trapped him in the pose he was in with magnetism. "It'll wear off soon," I said, and I walked away. When I got to the village, which was called Vulcanus, I saw a few beings of my size, and multiple smaller beings. I walked up to one of the smaller beings and said, "Matoran. Can you tell me where I am? My name is Toa Hafna Nuva." The being responded, "What's a matoran? I am Raanu, the Agori leader of the Fire Tribe. And you are on Bara Magna." I then said, "Do you know what I am?" He said, "Well, you look like a pretty powerful Glatorian." "Listen!" I said, "I am a Toa, an extremely powerful peacekeeper from the Matoran Universe! And I can prove it too. Send me your best fighter."

Arena Magna

So then I was escorted to a private battle that only three people knew about: Me, Raanu, and my opponent, Tuma. I needed to show Raanu I was powerful, so I used my less powerful moves first, like camoflauge, then later I used more powerful moves, like fragmenting Tuma's sword, and boiling his thornax and eating it! Very soon, I had Tuma half submerged in the sand because of increased Gravity, and he could not move his arms and legs because of Magnetism. He was beaten. All three of us, albeit some were forced, swore an oath not to talk of my powers. I was given an armor change and put to work for the Fire Tribe. Little did I know, I had made an eternal enemy of Tuma, the Skrall, and the Rock Tribe altogether.

Abilities and Traits

Real Life

In real life, I am almost a Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. I can get angry easily, and I have a good memory. I am smart, and I once built the Phantoka Lewa Nuva set in four minutes without directions, so I am good at building. Not only am I a Bionicle fan and self-proclaimed expert, I am a STAR WARS fan, self-proclaimed STAR WARS expert, and I am making a few STAR WARS fanfilms, and I'm pretty good with a sword.

BIONICLE Storyline

I have all of the Elemental powers, all of the makuta powers, and I am able to fly. I'm also pretty good at hand to hand combat. I am usually overconfident, and always fight fair.

Mask and weapons

I carry an Energized Shadow Sword, a Protosteel Razor-Edged Shield, and a shoulder mounted Magnetized Iron Launcher. I also have claws as part of my hands, and as a Glatorian I have a stinger tail. I wear the Kanohi Volitak, and also the Great Mask of Extreme Fighting Skill.