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"I never failed my master. Nor have I ever failed his dark spirit. Never."
— Kulta's thoughts, Escape from the Underworld

Skull Creature
Mask Skull Grinder's Mask
Mask of Creation (formerly)
Powers Energy absorption
Tools Mask Stealer Staff
Hook Blade (both formerly)
Rapid Shooter
Status Alive
Location Underground city
Set number 70795 Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder (instructions)

Kulta, the Skull Grinder, also known as the Lord of the Skulls, is the leader of the Skull Raiders. He is also the creator and leader of the Skull Army.[1]


Kulta and his Skull Raiders plagued Okoto in ancient times, until they were driven into the mountains of the Region of Stone by the Mask Makers and Protectors of the time. Following this defeat, Makuta approached Kulta and his people to offer an alliance, which Kulta and his people accepted. The events of Makuta's Betrayal trapped them in underground caverns, where they built their own civilization until Kulta discovered a passageway to the surface. He and his forces soon pledged themselves anew to the fallen Mask Maker, and also allied themselves with the Lord of Skull Spiders.[2]

Kulta was commanded by Makuta, the former Mask Maker and brother of Ekimu, to destroy the Masks of Power. He created the Skull Creatures, such as Skull Warriors and Skull Scorpios, with his dark power.[3] The Skull Creatures were stationed at the City of the Mask Makers.

Directed by Makuta, Kulta went to the entrance of the City of the Mask Makers and acquired the Mask of Creation, Ekimu's mask. Kulta then went with his lieutenant Skull Basher to the Forge of the Mask Makers, the only place the mask could be destroyed. There, he was confronted by the six Toa and Ekimu the Mask Maker. Instead of throwing the mask into the furnace, Kulta put the mask on, drawing energy from the forge. The six Toa that attacked him were struck down with one blow, which shattered their masks. Kulta advanced towards the remaining Ekimu, but was hindered by the weakened Toa. Dispatching all but Tahu, Kulta prepared to remove his final opposition when Ekimu, who had reconstructed the Hammer of Power, knocked the Mask of Creation from his face and reclaimed it. Reuniting with the mask caused an explosion of light, and Kulta was defeated.

The Protectors came across Kulta's inert form after they found their way into the city. As a precaution, Ekimu had separated him from his mask, and Kulta and the Skull Basher were soon imprisoned in separate cells in the city.[4]

Kulta eventually awakened in his cell and, after contemplating his recent failures, became determined to escape, but was forced to contend with magical runes in his cell that drained his power whenever he was filled with anger. His pleas for Makuta's aid earned his master's attention, and a Skull Spider delivered Kulta's mask to his cell, but forced him to retrieve it himself. Though filled with a desire to wreak revenge by destroying the city, Kulta was alerted by Makuta that the Toa and Ekimu were approaching the city of the other Skull Raiders and thus left to intercept them. He eventually found the Toa locked in battle with his fellow Raiders, and the groups fought until Ekimu challenged Kulta to single combat. However, Ekimu tricked his old foe and defeated him for a third time, bringing the city down on the Skull Raiders; a buried Kulta called upon Makuta for help yet again, but this time, Makuta left him to suffer.[2]

Abilities and Traits

Kulta claiming the Mask of Creation

Kulta is taller than the Toa. He is loyal to Makuta, and he would pray for his aid when Kulta needs Makuta's help. Kulta is reasonable enough to accept a challenge from Ekimu, as he does not want to look like a coward in front of the Skull Raiders. Kulta can train a Skull Spider on how to fly a giant hawk that it possesses, and it can take months. He can act brash when he sees the incompetence of his minions. When he is angry and vengeful, he complains and will think about doing something brash, like kicking a Skull Spider if the spider implies that it does not know how to fly a hawk. However, he hardly calmed himself down when he was imprisoned in Ekimu's dungeon due to it weakening him every time he gets angry.[2]

Kulta can speak both the language of the Okotans and the one of Skull Raiders.[2]

The transparent red armor on the Skull Creatures is a sign that they are under his command.[5]

Kulta is the most powerful of all of the Skull Creatures, even surpassing the Lord of Skull Spiders.[1] When wearing the Mask of Creation, he possesses enough raw strength to fell all six Toa at once.[6]

The energy from the stolen Golden Masks of Power is channeled into Kulta.[7] He can also use his dark power to reanimate Skull Creatures that can also absorb energy from elemental Masks of Power, as he created Skull Warriors and Skull Scorpios.

Mask and Tools

Kulta wears a special Skull Mask known as Skull Grinder's Mask. He also briefly donned the Mask of Creation, which increased his power.

He wielded the Mask Stealer Staff, the most feared weapon on the island, which allowed him to steal masks from unsuspecting beings and drain them of energy. He also carried a Hook Blade. During the battle in the Skull Raiders' city, he wielded a large rapid shooter with explosive ammunition.[8]

Set Information

70795 Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder was released as one of the sets in the August 2015 product wave, containing Kulta as the titular Skull Grinder. When combined with pieces of Ekimu and 70794 Skull Scorpio, 70794+70795 Powered-Up Skull Grinder can be created.


"They call him Skull Grinder. He is under my brother, Makuta's control. The Mask of Creation. My mask. He is on his way to destroy it. If he succeeds, all is lost."
Ekimu, Island of Lost Masks

"I will have plenty of time, once I have destroyed you."
— Kulta to the Toa and Ekimu, Forge of the Mask Maker

"Help, Makuta. I beg of you... Help me."
— Kulta, Escape from the Underworld


  • Concept art for the Skull Army depicted a massive figure created by combining the other villains in the group known by the name Kulta Kal.[9]


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