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"Drawing power from the roots of Okoto’s deep jungles, the mystical creature radiates with vitality and the gift of regeneration."

Creature of Jungle
Element Jungle
Tools Sonic Crystal Wings
Status Alive
Location City of the Mask Makers
Set number 71300 Uxar Creature of Jungle (instructions)

Uxar is the dragonfly-like Elemental Creature of Jungle.[1]


The formation of Okoto gave birth to great Elemental Creatures, including Uxar, who embodied the element of Jungle. Umarak was born from the shadows to hunt them.

Uxar and the other Elemental Creatures were known to Okoto's ancient inhabitants, who carved their likenesses near the future site of the City of the Mask Makers.[1]

Uxar and its fellows later appeared during a Festival of Masks, a sight that led Ekimu of the Mask Makers to don the Mask of Time in order to learn what their coming might forebode. Shortly thereafter, Uxar arrived to deliver an Elemental Crystal for empowering one of the Golden Masks of Power.

After Makuta's Betrayal, Uxar and the other Elemental Creatures hid the Mask of Control within the Labyrinth of Control.

Lewa later learned of Uxar through a vision granted by his new Mask of Unity, and set out to find the Creature of Jungle. Upon their meeting, Uxar demonstrated its power to the Toa, who swiftly challenged it to a race. The friendly competition was interrupted by the arrival of Umarak and his Shadow Traps, who ensnared Uxar. Forced to combine with the Hunter, Uxar was forced to reveal the existence of the Labyrinth to him until Lewa came to his aid. The pair then worked together to drive the Hunter off before proceeding to a Jungle Temple where Lewa's Golden Mask of Unity awaited.

Now with the ability to combine and fight together, Uxar and Lewa journeyed to the city and met with the other Toa. The next day the heroes and the Creatures - Uxar included - set out for the Labyrinth, only to be attacked by Umarak again. Following this encounter, they traveled across the sea to the Labyrinth's island, and then traveled through the ancient maze to reach the Mask of Control's chamber. Their efforts to claim the mask were in vain, as Umarak kidnapped Ketar and forced the Creature of Stone to help him claim the mask.

Returning to the City of the Mask Makers, Uxar and its fellows joined the Toa in battling the evil Shadow Horde. Uxar and the other Creatures were then left to fight alongside the Okotans without the Toa, who left to battle Umarak and succeeded in preventing the return of Makuta.

Abilities and Traits

Representing the element of Jungle, Uxar contains regenerative capabilities, which he accesses from the roots of Okoto's jungles. Connecting to a Toa, Uxar bestows enhanced speed and agility to the Uniter. He also grants Lewa increased power over plant life.

Uxar can fly at supersonic speeds.[2]

Mask and Tools

Uxar possesses Sonic Crystal Wings, as well as the Creature Mask of Jungle.

Set Information

71300 Uxar Creature of Jungle was released as part of the BIONICLE's first 2016 wave.


"I knew I'd find you! Or did you find me, I wonder?"
Lewa to Uxar, Quest for Unity


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