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Gali (Generation 2)

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"My courage is as deep as the ocean."
— Gali, Character Animations: Gali


Gali by Matt Betteker.png
Master of Water
Mask Mask of Water (formerly)
Golden Mask of Water
Element Water
Tools Elemental Trident
Status Upgraded
Pronunciation GAH-lee
Set number 70786
GaliGali Uniter Symbol White.svg

BJTO Battle Video Gali Rendering.png
Uniter of Water
Mask Unity Mask of Water (formerly)
Golden Unity Mask of Water
Element Water
Tools Elemental Water Spear
Status Alive
Location Elemental Star of Water
Pronunciation GAH-lee
Set number 71307

Gali the Master of Water, later known as the Uniter of Water, is one of the six Toa summoned to Okoto by the Prophecy of Heroes.


Arrival on Okoto

After the Protectors recited the Prophecy of Heroes, Gali and the other Toa fell from the sky as comets and landed on Okoto.

Kivoda located Gali and, for weeks, guided her through the Region of Water to find the Golden Mask of Water. Along the way, Gali asked Kivoda about the history of Okoto, and the Protector related to her the story of Ekimu and Makuta's fateful clash thousands of years prior, and the subsequent devastation to the island that the inhabitants were still dealing with. Eventually, Gali successfully obtained the mask and used its power to save Kivoda from Skull Spiders.

Gali then traveled to the City of the Mask Makers. There, she met Onua, Pohatu, and Lewa, all of whom had found golden masks of their own. Kopaka arrived and began to take charge, until Tahu arrived, declaring himself the leader of the team. Tahu and Kopaka had a brief fight, with Gali trying to split them up with her Elemental Trident, until Onua forced the two of them to quit fighting by physically picking them up and separating the two. When Tahu stated that the team still needed a leader, Gali proposed a vote, but was interrupted by the arrival of the Lord of Skull Spiders. Gali knocked Lewa out of the way to attack the Lord of Skull Spiders, but was entangled in its webs. At Onua's suggestion, she joined the other Toa in a combined assault and defeated the Lord of Skull Spiders.

Battling Skull Creatures

Tahu received a vision from Ekimu, urging the Toa to find his resting place. The Toa then proceeded into the city. Tahu set off a trap that locked the Toa in a courtyard. Skull Warriors fired down from atop a wall, and more Skull Warriors emerged from the ground. Gali urged Onua to bury them, which he did, collapsing the entrance bridge in the process. Lewa then knocked the Skull Warriors off of the wall to be defeated, and Pohatu broke through the door with a boulder. Gali and the other Toa followed Kopaka, although Lewa broke off to investigate an arena he had discovered. Gali's group became lost, and happened to cross the arena, where they found an unconscious Lewa and Skull Slicer, who had stolen his mask.

Following Skull Slicer to the Arena, the Toa witnessed Skull Slicer putting on Lewa's mask to steal his energy, and challenging the Toa to one of the Arena's games. Gali questioned Lewa as to the rules of the game; Pohatu interpreted Lewa's weak responses, and subsequently directed the other Toa as to where to go, while staying behind with Gali to tend to the Master of Jungle. Skull Slicer was defeated and Lewa's mask recovered, but the Arena was destroyed in the process.

The Toa eventually escaped the ruins of the Arena and emerged into a Graveyard, where they encountered two Skull Scorpios. The Scorpios stole Pohatu's mask and defeated Gali and the other Toa, but were eventually crushed by broken monuments knocked over by Lewa. Inside a mausoleum, the Toa discovered Ekimu's tomb, and revived him with the power of their elements. Ekimu scolded the Toa for being late, and urged them to hurry to the Mask Maker's forge, where Kulta, the Skull Grinder would be attempting to destroy the Mask of Creation. After engaging his minion Skull Basher, the Toa confronted the villain only to see him dawn the Mask of Creation and absorb its power. Ekimu urged them to fight while he repaired his Hammer of Power, and their efforts gave him time to complete the weapon and defeat Kulta. Ekimu then repaired the Golden Masks, broken during the battle, and proclaimed the Toa to be true heroes.

Gali and her brothers soon joined Ekimu on another mission: rescuing a pair of children from the Region of Stone who had been kidnapped while their family made it's way to the city. Their search led the heroes and Ekimu to the city of the Skull Raiders, a villainous band of pirates in league with Makuta. After learning the group's history and being forced to fight for the lives of the two children and a captured Lewa, Gali boldly challenged Axato, a commander among the Raiders, to single combat. Using the battle as a distraction, Gali briefly feigned unconsciousness or death during the fight in order to lure Axato in to where she could strike him, and after a grueling battle she defeated him. The Toa were then forced to deal with the arrival of a recently escaped Kulta, but Ekimu was able to defeat him once again and brought the city's ceiling down on the villains, leaving them trapped while the Toa escaped with Ekimu and the children.

Uniting With Elemental Creatures

After receiving a new mask, new armor, and a new weapon from Ekimu, Gali and the other Toa exited the Forge and confronted a band of Skull Warriors. Gali used the opportunity to test the water for her new gear. Afterwards, she was assigned by Ekimu to go and find her Elemental Creature and her golden mask. She traveled to the Region of Water, pursued by Shadow Traps. After searching for a while, she came across Akida, who took her into a whirlpool where her Golden Mask of Unity was to be found. Once she put on the golden mask, she combined with Akida through the power of unity and eventually returned to Ekimu in the City of the Mask Makers.

Gali and the rest of the Toa were sent off again by Ekimu to find the Mask of Control with their creatures. After leaving the city, they were confronted by Umarak. Akida, Gali's creature, went to attack Umarak, but Gali saved it from being hit by one of his projectiles. Umarak disappeared shortly afterwards. Gali and the rest of the Toa eventually raced each other to the Labyrinth of Control, with Gali primarily dealing with Kopaka in their friendly competition. Once they were on the island of the Labyrinth of Control, the Toa came to the door for the labyrinth, with Tahu unlocking it for the Toa to get inside.

Inside the labyrinth the Toa followed a glowing path upon the floor, dealing with moving walls, floors and ceilings to make it to the exit. In the next room, Gali read and translated some of the carvings on the floor, discovering that each Toa had to stand on marked spots with their assigned elements while being combined with their creatures. Gali went with the rest of the Toa (minus Pohatu) into a lower room to find the Mask of Control sealed in a crystal substance. However, Umarak made his way into the lower room, combined with Ketar, and sliced open the crystal substance with his blade, taking the Mask of Control and escaping the collapsing room. The Toa made their way out of the labyrinth, finding Pohatu with his creature, Ketar, but not the Mask of Control. Pohatu was discouraged by Umarak's remarks, but Gali and Lewa comforted him with their wisdom.

Gali and her comrades soon faced the dreaded Shadow Horde, minions conjured by Umarak who attacked the City of the Mask Makers. After briefly fighting them in unity with the Elemental Creatures, the Toa left their animal allies to continue the defense of the city while they and an empowered Ekimu-whom Gali briefly suggested might be "the Toa of Light" and set out to stop Umarak from freeing Makuta. They eventually confronted the monstrously transformed Umarak in the Region of Stone as he attempted to free Makuta; during the ensuing conflict, Gali attempted to snatch the fragments of the Mask of Ultimate Power to prevent the portal's opening, but upon going too close to the portal, Gali's spirit was pulled out of her body and into the Shadow Realm. While trapped in the Shadow Realm, Gali was able to eavesdrop on the unaware Makuta and learned there was more to her and the other Toa than they believed; finding her way to an ancient mural, she learned the full contents of the Prophecy of Heroes, and returned to her body after Makuta seemingly destroyed Umarak to use his energy to complete his escape portal, inadvertently allowing Gali to escape as well. She then revealed to the other Toa how to tap into their true elemental powers, overcoming the nullifying effects of the Black Crater; the Toa then united their powers to banish Makuta again, knowing that in doing so they would be forced to return to the stars but glad that they were able to fulfill their destiny.

Abilities and Traits

LEGO Club Stats
Power 7
Agility 7
Special Abilities 5
Intelligence 9
Weaponry 6
Fear Factor 3
Luck 7

Gali is usually a kind and mellow Toa, and the most well-liked member of the team. She is normally friendly and peaceful, but can be as fierce as the raging ocean when the situation calls for. She despises injustice, and always seeks to right the wrongs she finds in life by helping out the less fortunate.[1] She enjoys water-filled environments, such as oceans, streams, and lakes.[1]

Gali is able to manipulate the element of Water, and can outswim any known creature.[1] Her signature moves are Tidal Charge and Wavestorm.[1]

Mask and Tools

When she arrived on Okoto, Gali wore the Mask of Water.[1] She later replaced it with the Golden Mask of Water, which granted her enhanced elemental powers. These masks were followed by the Unity Mask of Water, which were replaced by the Golden Unity Mask of Water.

She was originally equipped with the Elemental Trident as her primary weapon, and it could be split apart to form the Shark Fins and Power Harpoon, which she used as her secondary weapons.[1] After gaining new armor and weapons from Ekimu she gained the use of the Elemental Water Spear.

Set Information

70786 Gali - Master of Water was released in the Winter 2015 product wave, containing 87 pieces. She is one of the three smaller-sized Toa figures. The set includes the Golden Mask of Water and a silver Skull Spider. This set could combine with the Protector of Water to depict a "powered up" Gali.

71307 Gali Uniter of Water was released in January of 2016. It contained 87 pieces.


"Duty! Unity! And now, Destiny! We can do this. But only, if I can find a way out of here..."
— Gali, The Dark Portal


  • Gali was voiced by Jacqui Fox in The Journey to One.


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