Shadow Realm

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This article is about the Shadow Realm. You may be looking for the Place of Shadow or the Field of Shadows.

"While the Shadow Realm is not a region in itself, the dark lord Makuta uses the shadows as spawning pits for his minions.
Anything can be formed from shadow and the evil Mask Maker's creativity knows no limits.

Shadow Realm
BJTO-Capital in the Shadow Realm.png
The Capital City in the Shadow Realm
Alternate Dimension
Status Intact
Inhabitants Makuta
Okotan-like beings
Shadow Traps (Elemental Beasts)
Skull Creatures

The Shadow Realm, or the Realm of Shadow, is a dark world adjacent to that which is home to the island of Okoto.


The Shadow Realm can be accessed by combining the Elements of Fire, Ice, Jungle, Water, Stone, and Earth. When the Mask of Ultimate Power, unable to contain the power of all six of these elements, fractured into several pieces after being knocked from Makuta's face by Ekimu, it created a rift into the Shadow Realm that drew in not only Makuta, but all of Capital City. Makuta became the ruler of the city in the Shadow Realm, which was home to his minions.

Seeking to escape the Shadow Realm, Makuta used the Mask of Control to enslave Umarak. Umarak gathered the pieces of the Mask of Ultimate Power so that they could reopen the rift and enable Makuta's return to Okoto. Gali attempted to steal the fragments of the mask, but her spirit was drawn through the portal into the Shadow Realm, where she witnessed Makuta and his minions preparing for his imminent triumph. However, Gali learned what needed to be done to stop Makuta from the Prophecy of Heroes inscribed in the city. When Makuta completed the portal, her spirit escaped along with him. The Toa then sacrificed their power to seal Makuta in the Shadow Realm.





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