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"It represents, in a sense, the island’s beating heart and therefore it is the most resistant of all the Elemental Creatures."

Creature of Earth
Element Earth
Tools Crystal Claws
Status Alive
Location City of the Mask Makers
Set number 71304 Terak Creature of Earth (instructions)

Terak is the Elemental Creature of Earth, and possesses the traits of both a lizard and an ape.[1]


When Okoto was first made, the essence of its earthen base created the creature Terak.

The Region of Earth was named for Terak, who provided Elemental Earth Crystals for use in Masks of Power. Ancient carvings depicting Terak and the others were discovered by Harvali in modern times.[1]

Terak and its fellow creatures appeared to Ekimu during an ancient Festival of Masks, which inspired Ekimu to travel to the Temple of Time. Protector Etoku later approached Terak to obtain a Crystal for one of the Golden Masks of Power.

Terak and the other Elemental Creatures hid the Mask of Control in the Labyrinth of Control after it was lost by Makuta.

Onua later found Terak in an underground maze in the Region of Earth, and the two journeyed together for a time before joining their powers to create a bridge to the temple containing Onua's Golden Mask of Unity. Once Onua donned the mask, the two gained the ability to Unite, which they would later use in order to reach the Labyrinth so that the Toa could claim the mask. However, Umarak abducted Ketar and used its power to steal the mask.

Returning to the City of the Mask Makers, Terak and its fellows joined the Toa in battling the Elemental Beasts. After some time, Terak and Onua broke away from the battle to confer with Ekimu. Terak and the other Creatures were then left to fight alongside the Okotans without the Toa, who left to battle Umarak and succeeded in preventing the return of Makuta.

Abilities and Traits

As the Creature of Earth, Terak represents the entirety of the island in addition to its region, and has greater resistance than all other Creatures.

When connecting with a Toa, Terak can grant them peak stamina and energy, as well as an impulse to persevere against all odds in addition to the power of flight.[2]

Terak has incredible strength, and travels through the ground with great speed.[3]

Mask and Tools

Terak bears the Creature Mask of Earth. Its natural tools are Crystal Claws, powerful digging instruments that it also lends to its Unity form.

Set Information

71304 Terak Creature of Earth was released as part of the BIONICLE's first 2016 wave.


"So, you're in here too! I knew it. And I bet you know an easier way through this thing."
Onua to Terak, Quest for Unity


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