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"I always stand firm."
— Onua, Character Animations: Onua


Onua by Matt Betteker.png
Master of Earth
Mask Mask of Earth (formerly)
Golden Mask of Earth
Element Earth
Tools Earthquake Hammer
Status Upgraded
Pronunciation Oh-NOO-ah
Set number 70789
OnuaOnua Uniter Symbol White.svg

BJTO Battle Video Onua Rendering.png
Uniter of Earth
Mask Unity Mask of Earth (formerly)
Golden Unity Mask of Earth
Element Earth
Tools Blazing Crystal Hammer (formerly)
Status Alive
Location Elemental Star of Earth
Pronunciation Oh-NOO-ah
Set number 71309

Onua, the Master of Earth, later known as the Uniter of Earth, is one of the six Toa foretold in the Prophecy of Heroes.


Arrival on Okoto

Onua and the other Toa crash landed on Okoto after being summoned by the Prophecy of Heroes.

After arriving on the island, Onua met Korgot, the Protector of Earth, whom he was briefly confused by due to her gender and the tradition of Protectors passing their masks "from father to son." Together they dug through the Region of Earth in search of the Golden Mask of Earth. Upon reaching the Shrine of Earth after weeks of digging deep underground, a horde of Skull Spiders attacked and nearly overwhelmed Korgot, but Onua donned the Golden Mask and used its power to defeat the Skull Spiders.

Onua traveled to the City of the Mask Makers. There, he met Gali, Pohatu, and Lewa, all of whom had found golden masks of their own. Kopaka arrived and began to take charge, until Tahu arrived, declaring himself the leader of the team. Tahu and Kopaka had a brief fight, until Onua and Gali forced the two of them to calm down.

The Toa were then confronted by the Lord of Skull Spiders on the bridge leading the City of the Mask Makers. Several of the Toa attempted to defeat the Lord of Skull Spiders by themselves, but failed; Onua remembered the teachings of the Protectors and urged them to work together. By combining their abilities, the Toa overwhelmed the Lord of Skull Spiders. Onua then destroyed the section of the bridge on which the Lord of Skull Spiders was lying, and sent it plummeting into the chasm. Urged by a vision from Ekimu, the Toa proceeded into the city.

Battling Skull Creatures

As the Toa ventured onward into the city, Tahu accidentally sprang a trap, locking the Toa into a courtyard. Tahu then claimed that he could come up with a plan, but Kopaka insisted that it would be too time consuming. Onua diffused the conflict by reminding the Toa that they needed to stay united. Skull Warriors began to rise from the ground, and some perched on the city gate fired at the Toa with their Freeze Bows. While Kopaka shielded the other Toa from the aerial attack, Onua used his hammer to split the ground beneath most of the Skull Warriors. However, this also resulted in the destruction of the bridge to the city. Eventually, Lewa knocked the Skull Warriors from their positions on the courtyard wall, and Pohatu used a boulder to destroy the gate leading out of the courtyard.

Following Kopaka, Onua and the rest of the Toa discovered Lewa, maskless and unconscious, and followed Skull Slicer into the Arena to recover Lewa's mask from him. Lewa told the Toa that to win the game, they had to strike a lever at the pinnacle of the playing field. While the other Toa defeated Skull Slicer and reclaimed the Golden Mask of Jungle, Onua climbed the field and struck the lever. The Toa reunited, and Onua informed Lewa of his triumph. However, the force of his blow caused the lever to break and the entire arena to collapse.

After awakening in the rubble of the fallen arena, Onua and the rest of the Toa begin to discuss their past adventures, and eventually agree that their duty was to protect Okoto. Lewa then noticed a breeze behind the rocks, indicating a passageway available for them to use. Using his Earth powers, Onua freed them from the rubble and the Toa manage to get to the graveyard where Ekimu was buried.

In the graveyard, the Toa encountered two Skull Scorpios, who stole Pohatu's mask and took down Onua, Gali, and Tahu. After Lewa managed to defeat the Skull Scorpios, Onua combined his elemental power with the other Toa, and revived Ekimu. Once awoken, Ekimu told the Toa that they were late in coming to his rescure, and that Kulta, the Skull Grinder had already gotten possession of the Mask of Creation, which he would be destroying in the Mask Maker's forge.

Onua and the rest of the Toa made their way to the forge, when they encountered Skull Basher. Onua charged at him but his mask was removed by Basher's horns. The rest of the Toa united to defeat Skull Basher and retrieved Onua's mask.

Once arriving in the forge, the found Kulta about to destroy the mask. Kulta noticed the Toa and placed the Mask of Creation on his face in order to meet their challenge. With one swipe with his Mask Stealer Staff, the powered up Kulta knocked the Toa masks off and broke them, defeating the Toa. Despite being overwhelmed, Onua and the rest of the Toa slowed Skull Grinder down until Ekimu defeated him by using his Hammer of Power. Afterwards, the Toa were rewarded with restored Golden Masks.

Onua was reunited with Korgot after she and the other Protectors arrived in the city, and they then prepared for the arrival of the Okotans who would be taking up residence in the reclaimed ruins.

Onua and the other Toa soon restored Ekimu's tomb, which Onua suggested to the Mask Maker might make a good welcome center for new arrivals and perhaps a museum given it's collection of artifacts. Before Ekimu could say much on the subject, Protector of Jungle Vizuna arrived with a group of Stone Okotans who informed the heroes that two of their party had been abducted. The Toa searched for the pair and soon ran into the evil Skull Raiders, villains in service to Makuta who had taken the boys hostage. Battle soon erupted between the two sides, with Onua working closely with Ekimu and even striking down the arriving Kulta. Later, he lent his hammer to Ekimu for the Mask Maker's battle with Kulta-a move inspired by a cunning agreement Ekimu proposed to Kulta-and then helped Ekimu seal the entrance to the Skull Raiders' city after it's ceiling collapsed, trapping the Skull Raiders in the ruins.

Uniting With Elemental Creatures

Onua and the others were soon granted new masks, tools, and armor by Ekimu, who then asked them to seek out the Mask of Control previously worn by Ekimu's corrupted brother Makuta. Traveling underground, Onua found himself in a maze of tunnels, which he began smashing his way through until he encountered Terak, Creature of Earth. Terak soon led him to a temple containing his new Golden Mask of Unity, which Onua reached by pooling his power with Terak's to create a bridge. The two new friends then unlocked the ability to combine together, granting Onua even greater power.

Joining with the other Toa and their Elemental Creatures, Onua and Terak set out to find the Labyrinth of Control and recover the Mask of Control. Along the way they were attacked by Umarak, the Hunter and his Shadow Traps and doubles, before combining their powers again to cross to the island where the Labyrinth awaited them. Unfortunately, Umarak took Pohatu's new partner Ketar hostage and used his power to claim the Mask of Control, which he escaped with after Pohatu helped Ketar escape from him.

Onua and the Toa were soon forced to confront the Shadow Horde, with Onua pitting his powers against the monstrous Quake Beasts in the ensuing battle to defend the City of the Mask Makers. He then broke away from the battle to seek out Ekimu, who helped him realize that the Toa had to leave to stop Umarak from freeing Makuta from the Shadow Realm.

Traveling to the Region of Stone while the Elemental Creatures continued to defend the city, Onua and his comrades learned the full history of Makuta's fall and were forced to confront additional Elemental Beasts after catching up to the villain at the Black Crater. A battle then ensued at the portal to the Shadow Realm, where the Toa found themselves bereft of Elemental Power and then of weapons, with Gali being separated from them for a time as her spirit was drawn the Shadow Realm by the energies of the Dark Portal. The group were eventually reunited after a hard struggle, and learned that the only way to stop Makuta's escape was to combine their powers. Accepting that doing so would force them to depart Okoto and return to the stars, Onua and the others pitted their energies against Makuta and trapped him once again.

Abilities and Traits

LEGO Club Stats
Power 8
Agility 6
Special Abilities 8
Intelligence 9
Weaponry 6
Fear Factor 3
Luck 6
Onua wielding his claws

Onua is a wise Toa who rarely speaks. However, he is respected and the other Toa know that when he does speak, he is worth listening to.[1] Onua enjoys being in underground caves, where the silence allows him time for both contemplation and sleeping.[1] He can't stand mazes.

Onua can control the element of Earth. Additionally, he can see in the dark.[1]

Onua's signature moves are Thunder Clap and Earthquake.[1]

Mask and Tools

When he landed on Okoto, Onua wore the Mask of Earth.[1] He later exchanged it for the Golden Mask of Earth, which granted him greater control over his element. Ekimu subsequently outfitted him the Unity Mask of Earth, but Onua soon replaced it with the Golden Unity Mask of Earth and gained even greater power, including the ability to unite with Terak.

Initially Onua carried the Earthquake Hammer as his primary weapon, which could split into two Turbo Shovelers.[1] Ekimu later gave him the Blazing Crystal Hammer to replace it, giving Onua a weapon that was part hammer, part drill, and part blaster. It was later lost during the final battle with Umarak.

Set Information

70789 Onua - Master of Earth was released in the Winter 2015 product wave as one of the three titan-sized Toa figures, containing 108 pieces. The set includes the Mask of Earth, the Golden Mask of Earth, and a green Skull Spider.

71309 Onua Uniter of Earth was released in January 2016. The set contained 143 pieces, including the Unity Mask of Earth and the Golden Unity Mask of Earth.



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