BIONICLE: Revenge of the Skull Spiders

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Revenge of the Skull Spiders
Series LEGO BIONICLE Chapter Books
Author Ryder Windham
Publisher Scholastic
ISBN 978-0545905909

Revenge of the Skull Spiders is a BIONICLE chapter book, the second one set in the rebooted storyline. It was written by Ryder Windham and released on December 29, 2015.


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As the Toa defeat the Lord of Skull Spiders on the bridge leading to the City of the Mask Makers, they are observed by Vizuna of the Region of Jungle, who soon gathers with the other Protectors to lead them into the city in case the Toa require their aid. Taking a bridge constructed by the archaeologist Harvali, the six Protectors enter the city's underbelly while dealing with Skull Spiders, unaware that the creatures have rescued their injured master and are carrying him back to his lair. In the city's depths they come across a number of ancient carvings, including a set that depict the Elemental Creatures, before finding Harvali trapped in a cave. They also discover a set of carvings that depicts them meeting with the revived Ekimu, something that causes Nilkuu to optimistically predict their success on several occasions, only for it to be immediately followed by an unfortunate turn.

After encountering and freeing a biomechanical snake, the Protectors and Harvali are able to ride it through the city's underbelly until they reach the lair of the Lord of Skull Spiders. They then engage the Skull Spider hordes in battle, having realized that the monsters were massing for an invasion of the rest of Okoto. After a fierce struggle, they manage to bring down the ceiling of the Lord of Skull Spiders' lair, and escape to the surface on a the snake. They find the leavings of the Toa's journey and engage several Skull Warriors, before finally reaching Ekimu's forge and meeting Ekimu, who mistakes the Protectors for their ancestors. With their assistance, he places Skull Grinder and Skull Basher in cells beneath his forge.

With the masks of the Toa repaired, they join the Protectors, Ekimu, and Harvali in celebrating the reclamation of the city and preparing for the arrival of the other Okotans. However, they know that Makuta's threat has not yet ended.


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