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"Skull Basher is a towering brute of pure evil. Skull Grinder’s dark power courses forcefully through his bones making him the strongest of the Skull Army’s lieutenants."

Skull Basher
Skull Creature
Mask Bull Skull Mask (formerly)
Golden Mask of Earth (formerly)
Powers Energy absorption
Tools Hook Axes (formerly)
Doom Spikes[1]
Status Alive, Imprisoned
Location City of the Mask Makers
Set number 70793 Skull Basher (instructions)

Skull Basher is a minotaur-like Skull Creature who was a former lieutenant in the Skull Army.


Skull Basher was one of the Skull Raiders, a band of pirates led by Kulta who were defeated by the Protectors and Mask Makers centuries ago. After their defeat, they were approached by Makuta, who offered them an alliance in exchange for their services.[2]

Skull Basher accompanied Kulta to the City of the Mask Makers and was placed as a sentry at the entrance to the Mask Maker's forge. When the six Toa and Ekimu approached the gate, they were challenged by Basher, who knocked a quarreling Kopaka and Tahu down the stairs. Onua, the Master of Earth, attempted to charge at Basher, but was easily defeated by the Skull Creature. Basher then took Onua's Golden Mask of Earth, and began draining its energy.

At Ekimu's instruction, the remaining five Toa combined their elemental powers, and charged full force at Basher, knocking him out and dropping Onua's Golden Mask, which was recovered by the Toa.

The Protectors eventually came across his inert body as they found their way into the forge. As a precaution, Ekimu had separated him from his mask, and he and Kulta were soon imprisoned in separate prison cells within the city.[3]

Kulta later awakened in his cell and noticed Skull Basher in a neighboring enclosure, and was disappointed by his inability to punish Skull Basher's failure. Later, a Skull Spider came to deliver Kulta's mask, but left Skull Basher's in Ekimu's vault. Kulta himself left Skull Basher in his cell as he departed the city.[2]

Abilities and Traits

Skull Basher's Doom Spikes

Skull Basher has the ability to extract elemental power from Masks of Power by wearing them. He is the strongest of Kulta's lieutenants.[1] He also strongly resembles a skeletal Minotaur.

Mask and Tools

Skull Basher wore a Bull Skull Mask, which he discarded in order to wear the Golden Mask of Earth.

Skull Basher wielded two Hook Axes, with which he could bash opponents and snatch away masks. His shoulders feature Doom Spikes, also known as Death Spikes, that can pierce armor.[1]

Set Information

Skull Basher Set
Skull Basher

70793 Skull Basher was released as one of the sets in the August 2015 product wave.


  • Concept artwork for the Skull Army featured the Skull Crusher, who resembled a bulkier version of Skull Basher and who wielded hammers with faces carved into their heads rather than axes.[4]


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