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"Ikir, the Creature of Fire, is the envoy of the Element of Fire and therefore it is as fierce, fearless and impulsive as the towering flames that spout from Okoto’s greatest volcanoes."

Creature of Fire
Element Fire
Tools Fire Crystal Wings
Status Alive
Location City of the Mask Makers
Set number 71303 Ikir Creature of Fire (instructions)

Ikir, the Creature of Fire, is one of the seven Elemental Creatures, and has the form of a bird of prey.[1]


When Okoto was first formed, the seven elements that constituted it also gave birth to seven powerful creatures that incarnated the elements. The element of Fire manifested as the creature Ikir, who like its fellows came under threat from the shadow hunter, Umarak.

Ikir and the other Elemental Creatures appeared before the Mask Makers were known on Okoto, and carvings of them predating Ekimu were discovered by Harvali near the City of the Mask Makers in modern times.[1]

Before Makuta's Betrayal, the Elemental Creatures appeared to Ekimu during the Festival of Masks, an omen that led him to travel to the Temple of Time to learn of the future. The ancient Protector Mamuk later approached Ikir to receive an Elemental Crystal to empower one of the Golden Masks of Power.

Ikir and the other Elemental Creatures later hid Makuta's Mask of Control in the Labyrinth of Control.

When Tahu arrived in its territory searching for his Golden Mask of Unity, Ikir challenged him, leading to a fierce battle between the two. However, Tahu eventually realized that his destiny was to unite with Ikir, not defeat him; the winged creature promptly escorted him to his mask. United, the two returned to the City of the Mask Makers where they were joined by their fellow Toa and Creatures, who soon determined that their next objective would be the Labyrinth. Tahu and Ikir bonded quickly, enjoying their combined flight mode both in the city and later while journeying to the Labyrinth. Unfortunately, they were ambushed after entering the mask's chamber by Umarak, who succeeded in claiming the mask.

Returning to the City of the Mask Makers, Ikir and its fellows joined the Toa in battling the evil Shadow Horde. During the struggle, Ikir and Tahu briefly lost their connection after Tahu's Golden Mask of Unity was stolen by some Lava Beasts, but it was subsequently recovered. Ikir and the other Creatures were then left to fight alongside the Okotans without the Toa, who left to battle Umarak and succeeded in preventing the return of Makuta.

Abilities and Traits

Ikir is known for its ferocity and impulsive attitude. Upon uniting with a Toa, Ikir blesses them with courage, as well as an indomitable battle will that can frighten opponents.

Mask and Tools

Ikir bears the Creature Mask of Fire, and has fiery claws to defend itself with. Ikir also possesses Fire Crystal Wings for flight, and lends these wings to the Toa it combines with.

Set Information

71303 Ikir Creature of Fire was released as one of the five small sets in the first half of BIONICLE's 2016 line.


"Maybe winning is not what this is about."
Tahu to Ikir, Quest for Unity


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