Mask of Ultimate Power

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Mask of Ultimate Power
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Mask of Power
Powers The six main Elements
Bearers Makuta

The Mask of Ultimate Power, also called the Forbidden Mask, is one of the three legendary Masks of Power.


The Mask of Ultimate Power in the Online Animations

The Mask of Ultimate Power was created by the Mask Maker Makuta, in a fit of jealousy over the praise received by the creations of his brother Ekimu. Makuta imbued the mask with the power of all the island's six elements, breaking the sacred tradition that masks should never contain more than one power.

Makuta had previously experimented with infusing only two Elemental Powers into a single mask, hoping to earn the praise of the Okotans by providing them with power that could aid them in their daily lives. However, these powers proved too dangerous, and Ekimu rebuked his brother for attempting such a thing. Makuta, undeterred, stole a set of Elemental Crystals from his brother and combined them with his melted-down previous attempts to create the Mask of Ultimate Power. He then took it to Capital City, hoping to demonstrate its usefulness to the inhabitants of Okoto.

However, upon donning the mask, it overwhelmed Makuta, and its dark power twisted Makuta's feelings of resentment and anger into pure evil. Ekimu, realizing what was happening, attacked his brother and knocked the mask from his face. The mask, already weakened by Ekimu's blow, was unable to contain the power of all six elements, and destroyed itself, causing Makuta and Capital City to be drawn into the Shadow Realm. The shockwave sent Ekimu into a deep slumber and caused the Great Cataclysm on Okoto.

One thousand years later, the scattered fragments of the mask were hunted down by Umarak, who used them in a ritual to reopen the rift. Gali attempted to prevent this by stealing the fragments, only for her spirit to be drawn into the Shadow Realm through the portal. When Umarak opened the portal, the fragments of the Mask of Ultimate Power were drawn inside; however, opening the portal also allowed Gali to escape, and the Toa sealed the portal with their Elements, preventing Makuta's escape.


  • Similar to how the depiction of Makuta's corruption differs between appearances, the Mask of Ultimate Power's depictions varied as well. In the 2015 Online Animations, the Mask of Ultimate Power is roughly oval-shaped, with 6 jutting facial fins and any features masked by black and red flames. In Battle of the Mask Makers, the mask is still oval-shaped and wreathed in flames, but the facial fins are not there. The Journey to One shows the mask being gold in its initial appearance, only turning black and catching on fire once Makuta dons the mask. In addition, this is the only depiction in which the mask's features are actually shown.
  • Despite the Mask of Ultimate Power being shattered at the time, Makuta's Shadow Titan form in The Journey to One shows him wearing a shadowy version of the mask.

Set Information

The Prototype Golden Mask of Ultimate Power

Prototype gold and black versions of the Mask of Ultimate Power were created by LEGO for the inspirational Makuta models seen in The Makuta Challenge, but were never released in a set.


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