Elemental Crystals

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Elemental Crystals
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Users Ekimu
Makuta (formerly)
Function To infuse the Masks of Power
Status In use
Location Okoto

Elemental Crystals are stones imbued with Elemental Power found on the island of Okoto.


The Mask Makers Ekimu and Makuta used Elemental Crystals to infuse the Masks of Power they created with Elemental Power. The crystals weren't dangerous by themselves, but the potential power of multiple elements in a single mask prompted the ancients of Okoto to forbid the use of more than one crystal at a time. Makuta later broke this law in an effort to produce more desirable masks, eventually creating the Mask of Ultimate Power after stealing a set of crystals used by his brother in creating new masks for the ancient Protectors. Ekimu, having received a vision of the resulting cataclysm from the Mask of Time, used larger crystals provided by the Elemental Creatures from their respective temples to create the Golden Masks of Power for the Toa.



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