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"Greetings! I am Tahu, Master of Fire. The prophecy has brought us together under my command."
— Tahu to the other Toa, Team of Heroes


Master of Fire
Mask Mask of Fire (formerly)
Golden Mask of Fire
Element Fire
Tools Fire Blades
Golden Swords
Status Upgraded
Pronunciation TAH-hoo
Set number 70787 Tahu – Master of Fire (instructions)

Uniter of Fire
Mask Unity Mask of Fire (formerly)
Golden Unity Mask of Fire
Element Fire
Tools Elemental Fire Blades (formerly)
Status Alive
Location Elemental Star of Fire
Pronunciation TAH-hoo
Set number 71308 Tahu Uniter of Fire (instructions)

Tahu, the Master of Fire, later known as the Uniter of Fire, is one of the six Toa foretold in the Prophecy of Heroes.


Arrival on Okoto

The Protectors summoned Tahu and the other Toa to Okoto by reciting the Prophecy of Heroes in the Temple of Time. Tahu fell from the sky and crash-landed in Okoto's Region of Fire. Emerging from his smoldering crash site, Tahu was greeted by the Protector of Fire, Narmoto, and his people. The Toa had forgotten his identity and was confused by the situation he found himself in. Although Narmoto told Tahu of his prophesied destiny to save Okoto, the Toa insisted that he knew nothing about defeating evil. As Toa and Protector conversed, several Skull Spiders attacked; Tahu defeated them with ease, inspiring awe within the watching villagers. Narmoto then prepared for travel and instructed Tahu to follow him.

On their journey, Tahu learned about the other Toa from Narmoto, and became determined that he would become their leader despite Narmoto's efforts to emphasize the need for unity among the heroes. While heading to visit a nearby village, Tahu was caught off guard by some Skull Spiders on a bridge, and was only saved by Narmoto's quick-thinking and experience.

After weeks of traveling, Tahu and Narmato fought many Skull Spiders before they arrived Okoto's greatest volcano.[1] Within its crater lay the Golden Mask of Fire, which Tahu recovered while Narmoto fended off several Skull Spiders. The Golden Mask granted Tahu great power over fire, allowing him to defeat the swarm of Skull Spiders threatening Narmoto. Tahu then heard Ekimu speaking to him through the Golden Mask and witnessed a vision of the City of the Mask Makers. Narmoto told him that he would have to travel to the city to unite with the other Toa.

There, Tahu joined with his fellow Toa Kopaka, Gali, Pohatu, Onua, and Lewa, all of whom had retrieved Golden Masks of their own. Tahu and Kopaka briefly fought over leadership of the team before Onua broke up the two Toa. Tahu declared that the team needed a leader, and Gali proposed a vote, but they were interrupted when Pohatu announced that the Lord of Skull Spiders was approaching. Tahu attempted to defeat the Lord, but the creature parried his attacks. At Onua's suggestion, Tahu worked with the other Toa to overwhelm the creature before ordering Onua to drop it into the chasm below. With the Lord of Skull Spiders defeated, Tahu received another vision from Ekimu, this time imploring the Toa to find his resting place. The six Toa then proceeded into the city.

Battling Skull Creatures

Entering the city, Tahu accidentally activated a trap; while attempting to come up with a plan, Kopaka insisted that the team follow his lead instead. While the Toa bickered among themselves, Skull Warriors rose from the ground, assaulting the Toa from a perch and from the ground while Lewa left to investigate. Kopaka quickly shielded the group, while Onua took care of the ground attack with his Earthquake Hammer, though this accidentally collapsed the bridge entrance, forcing them to stay in the city. Eventually, Lewa returned from his investigation, attacking the Skull Warriors on the perch while the other Toa took care of the remaining Skull Warriors.

After Pohatu broke the gate by throwing a boulder at it, Tahu and the rest of the Toa proceeded further into the city. However, after following Kopaka's lead, Tahu noted that they were going the wrong way. Eventually the Toa discovered the unconscious body of Lewa, as well as Skull Slicer, who was in possession of Lewa's mask. They fought Skull Slicer with the arena game, and eventually defeated him after Onua hit the lever. However, this caused the Arena to collapse, with all the Toa falling with the rubble.

In the rubble, the Toa discussed their previous exploits, and decided that it was their duty to protect the island of Okoto. Afterwords Lewa noticed a breeze through the rocks that indicated a tunnel, which led Onua to dig the team out. Once exiting the cave the Toa found themselves in a graveyard, and began to look for Ekimu. However, they were confronted by Skull Scorpios who stole Pohatu's mask. Along with Onua and Gali, Tahu charged at them but was flicked away by their tails.

After Lewa managed to take down both Skull Scorpios, Tahu along with the rest of the Toa managed to awaken Ekimu using the combined power of their elements. However, once awakened, Ekimu told the Toa that they awoke him too late, and that Skull Grinder had just earlier taken the Mask of Creation. The only place he would go to destroy it was Ekimu's forge. As such, Tahu and the rest of the Toa made their way to the forge, when they noticed Skull Grinder had started the fire inside of it. Tahu and Kopaka argued on who would deal with it, charging to the door but getting stuck. They were separated by Skull Basher, who also managed to take off a charging Onua's mask with his horns. Ekimu scolded the Toa for not remembering unity.

Tahu and the team united their powers in order to take down Skull Basher with ease and recover Onua's mask. Once they entered the forge, the encountered Kulta, who was about to destroy the Mask of Creation. However, once Kulta noticed them, he placed the Mask of Creation on his face in order to deal with the Toa. The Toa charged at him all at once, but with a sweep of Kulta's staff, their masks were taken off and shattered. Kulta made his way to take care of Ekimu who was building his Hammer of Power. But the Toa, despite being week, slowed Kulta down by grabbing onto him. Tahu stood in Kulta's way, being knocked down by Kulta. However, once he fell, Ekimu defeated Kulta with his rebuilt Hammer of Power, regaining the Mask of Creation.

Tahu fainted afterwords; however, when he woke up again, he was given a newly restored mask.

The Toa were quickly joined by the Protectors and the archaeologist Harvali, and Tahu and Narmoto worked together to light an ancient firework Ekimu had recovered. Toa and Protectors alike worked together to prepare the city for the arrival of the Okotans, whom Ekimu declared would make the city their new home.

Tahu and the other Toa were soon called upon to deal with the threat of the Skull Raiders, ancient enemies of Ekimu's led by Kulta, who escaped his imprisonment in the City of the Mask Makers with aid from Makuta. The group were captured while searching for kidnapped Okotans, but Gali's ingenuity enabled her comrades to escape while she confronted one of Kulta's lieutenants. Kulta himself then challenged Ekimu to battle but was defeated by the Mask Maker's sly thinking, and the Toa and their charges escaped after the battle caused the Skull Raiders' city to collapse.

Uniting With Elemental Creatures

Ekimu soon gave the Toa new masks, armor and weapons, which they soon employed in battle with a group of surviving Skull Warriors and Skull Spiders. They then embarked on a new mission: that of finding the Mask of Control once worn by Makuta, Ekimu's fallen brother. Tahu and his brethren split up to seek out the six Elemental Creatures, who could lead them to the Golden Masks of Unity and enable them to find Makuta's mask. Tahu soon encountered Ikir, Creature of Fire, and the pair engaged in a brief battle until Tahu realized that victory would not be found through defeating Ikir but by working with it. Having achieved this, he was led to his Golden Mask and gained the ability to merge with Ikir.

Returning to the city, Tahu and his fellow Toa soon determined their next destination: the Labyrinth of Control, where the Creatures had hidden Makuta's mask ages ago. The group made their way through the Region of Jungle in search of it, only to be attacked by Makuta's ally, Umarak, the Hunter, and his Shadow Traps and doubles. However, Umarak soon abandoned his assault after identifying the weak partnership between Pohatu and Ketar, Creature of Stone. The Toa then made their way to Okoto's coast, and all-except Pohatu-joined with their Creatures again in order to cross to the island where the Labyrinth rested.

Upon finding the Labyrinth, the Toa sensed a familiarity about it, and guessed at a connection between it and their forgotten pasts. Making their way into the maze, they eventually discovered a chamber with six doors leading to the Mask of Control's hiding place. Unfortunately, Umarak struck, using Ketar to access the chamber and steal the mask. Pohatu was able to rescue the Creature of Stone, but Umarak escaped with Makuta's mask, leaving the Toa with little choice but to await his return.

Umarak's resurgence came swiftly, with his new Shadow Horde setting its sights on the City of the Mask Makers. The Toa and Elemental Creatures fought to defend the city from Storm Beasts, Quake Beasts, and Lava Beasts, with a pair of the latter briefly stealing Tahu's Golden Mask and severing his bond with Ikir. Fortunately, the other Toa help him to recover it, and he and Kopaka work together to drive off more of the Lava Beasts. The Toa then received unexpected direction from Ekimu, who had gained added power from the Temple of Light, to leave the defense of the city to the Elemental Creatures while he and the Toa set out to stop Umarak from freeing Makuta. The trail soon led the group to the Region of Stone, where they found Umarak raising a great mountain from the Black Crater in preparation for the ceremony that would free Makuta.

After engaging another force of the Shadow Horde, the Toa confronted Umarak atop his mountain only to find that they could no longer tap into Okoto's elements, forcing Ekimu and his companion Agil to employ their light powers to save them. After Gali's spirit was drawn into the Shadow Realm, Tahu and the other Toa fought on without weapons against Umarak, who remained determined to unleash his master. Makuta used Umarak's energies to enable his own escape, unwittingly allowing Gali to rejoin her comrades in the process. Gali then revealed to her friends that the Toa were the source of Okoto's elemental energies, not the other way around, and that the key to defeating Makuta lay in combining their powers. Knowing that such a sacrifice would mean returning to the stars from whence they had come, Tahu and his comrades willingly employed their powers to banish Makuta once again, leaving Okoto in peace.

Abilities and Traits

LEGO Club Stats
Power 9
Agility 8
Special Abilities 6
Intelligence 7
Weaponry 6
Fear Factor 5
Luck 10
Tahu wielding his Fire Blades

Like his element, Tahu is hot-headed, hot-tempered, and feels driven to be the best. He believes he is the most heroic of his teammates, which makes him think that he should be their leader, though they do not agree with him.[2] While Tahu's forgetfulness often lands him in trouble, he possesses great luck that often sees him through his trials.[3]

Tahu possesses elemental control of Fire and has a natural resistance to heat.

Tahu enjoys dwelling in the volcanic mountains of Okoto.[3]

Tahu's signature moves are Lava Dash and Flame Spin.[3]

Mask and Tools

When he arrived on Okoto, Tahu wore the Mask of Fire. He later replaced it with the Golden Mask of Fire, which grants him greater power over flame. Ekimu later gave him the Unity Mask of Fire, which allowed to him to track down Ikir, later Tahu acquired the Golden Unity Mask of Fire.

Tahu originally wielded dual Fire Blades that he could combine into a Lava Surfboard, and also bore twin Golden Swords as his sidearms. Ekimu later gave him the Elemental Fire Blades in their place. These were lost during the final battle with Umarak.

Set Information

70787 Tahu – Master of Fire was released in January 2015 as one of the three titan-sized Toa sets. The set contains 89 pieces including the Mask of Fire, the Golden Mask of Fire, and a yellowish-green Skull Spider.

71308 Tahu Uniter of Fire was released in January 2016. The set contains 132 pieces, including the Unity Mask of Fire and the Golden Unity Mask of Fire.


"My strength will burn away the enemy."
— Tahu, 2015 Character Animations

"Tahu looked around the villagers. His head held many questions, but no memory of who he was or what he was capable of."
— Narrator, The Arrival

"I can feel the power!"
— Tahu, The Protectors Fight Back



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