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"The Protectors call it the White Element because it is the most pure and noble of the six. Therefore, Melum is associated with virtue, honor and justice."

Creature of Ice
Element Ice
Tools Claws
Status Alive
Location City of the Mask Makers
Set number 71311

Melum, the Creature of Ice, is one of the seven Elemental Creatures. It possesses traits of both an ape and a rhinoceros.[1]


During the formation of Okoto, Melum was born from the primordial element of Ice.[2]

Carvings of Melum and its fellows, for whom the regions of Okoto were named, were made near the area that became home to the City of the Mask Makers before the Mask Makers themselves were born.[1]

Ekimu later beheld Melum and the others during the Festival of Masks, an event that led him to don the Mask of Time in order to see the future. This led him to dispatch the Protectors to find Melum and its fellows in order to obtain Elemental Crystals for the Golden Masks of Power, with Protector Uganu obtaining an Ice Crystal from Melum.[3]

After Makuta betrayed Ekimu and both fell into a deep slumber, Melum and his fellow creatures took it upon themselves to hide Makuta's Mask of Control in the Labyrinth of Control.

After learning of Melum's existence through a vision, Kopaka sought him out, only to be challenged by the Creature of Ice. Melum proved a formidable foe, and it was only when Kopaka recognized the need for them to bond rather than battle that Melum led him to his Golden Mask of Unity. The two soon joined together, and later worked with the other Toa and Creatures to reach the Labyrinth of Control.

Returning to the City of the Mask Makers, Melum and its fellows joined the Toa in battling the Elemental Beasts. Melum and the other Creatures were then left to fight alongside the Okotans without the Toa, who left to battle Umarak and succeeded in preventing the return of Makuta.[4]

Abilities and Traits

Melum represents the purity of honor and justice; when combining with one of the Toa, Melum imbues them with traits of valor, and gives them courage to oppose evil and defend good.[2] Combining with Kopaka also gives the Toa the ability to have finer control over his Ice powers, such as creating snow, as well as the power of flight.[5]

Melum has great strength.[3]

Mask and Tools

Melum bears the Creature Mask of Ice, and he has two powerful sharp ice-crystal claws.[3]

Set Information

Melum was included as part of 71311 Kopaka and Melum - Unity set, a combo pack that also included Kopaka Uniter of Ice, and was released in BIONICLE's first 2016 wave.


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