Golden Masks of Unity

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"I only know that the creatures guard your Masks of Unity, and only through unity will you find Makuta’s Mask of Control."
Ekimu, Quest for Unity

Golden Masks of Unity
Golden Uniter Mask of Fire Pose.png
The Golden Unity Mask of Fire
Mask of Power
Powers Enhanced elemental powers
Uniting with Elemental Creatures
Bearers Toa

The Golden Masks of Unity are six rare Masks of Power that allow the Toa to unite with their Elemental Creatures.


Following the defeat of Kulta, Ekimu forged Masks of Unity for the Toa. He then bid them seek out the Elemental Creatures to find the Mask of Control. Each Toa traveled to their respective region, and found the Elemental Creatures guarding their temples deep in the wilderness. After accepting the creatures as equals, the Toa entered the temples and claimed their Golden Masks of Unity. They then united with their Elemental Creatures, gaining increased elemental power and the location of the Labyrinth of Control.

On their way to the Labyrinth, the Toa except Pohatu used the Golden Masks of Unity to join with their Elemental Creatures in a race. As they neared the Mask of Control, Pohatu united with Ketar to protect the Toa from several slabs of stone, but he quickly disunited with Ketar. Following this, Umarak stole the Mask of Control.

After the Toa returned to the City of the Mask Makers, Makuta's Shadow Horde attacked the city. During the fight, two Lava Beasts captured Tahu and Ikir and separated them by stealing Tahu's Golden Mask of Unity; however, it was quickly recovered by Onua. The Toa eventually left the city and pursued Umarak to the Black Crater where they defeated Makuta once and for all. When the Toa returned to the stars, the Golden Masks of Unity were taken with them.

List of Masks

Golden Uniter Mask of Fire Pose.png Golden Uniter Mask of Ice Pose.png Golden Uniter Mask of Earth.png Golden Uniter Mask of Jungle.png Golden Uniter Mask of Stone.png Golden Uniter Mask of Water.png
Golden Unity Mask of Fire
Users: Tahu
Golden Unity Mask of Ice
Users: Kopaka
Golden Unity Mask of Earth
Users: Onua
Golden Unity Mask of Jungle
Users: Lewa
Golden Unity Mask of Stone
Users: Pohatu
Golden Unity Mask of Water
Users: Gali

Example Usage

Lewa uniting with Uxar

In Trials of the Toa, Pohatu used his Golden Unity Mask of Stone to unite with Ketar and control several large stones falling towards the Toa.

Set Information

Each Uniter Toa set of 2016 came with two masks, their standard Mask of Unity and a Golden Mask of Unity.

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