Makuta's Betrayal

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"Realizing what his brother had done, Ekimu managed to knock the mask from Makuta's face."
— Narrator, The Legend

Makuta's Betrayal
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Witnesses Elemental Creatures
Mask Makers
Okotans (Protectors)
Time Thousands of years ago
Actions Mask of Ultimate Power destroyed
Ekimu falls into slumber
Makuta and Capital City drawn into Shadow Realm
Significance Major

Makuta's Betrayal was a cataclysmic event caused by Makuta donning the Mask of Ultimate Power, culminating in the Battle of the Mask Makers.


Ekimu knocking the Mask of Ultimate Power from Makuta's face

Makuta and Ekimu created Masks of Power for the Okotans. However, Makuta grew jealous of his brother, whose masks were more treasured by the islanders. Defying sacred law, Makuta created a mask imbued with all six elements, creating the Mask of Ultimate Power.[1]

The Mask of Ultimate Power was the end result of Makuta's growing jealousy, which had previously led him to create masks with two elements. After a failed demonstration, Makuta melted down these masks and combined them with a set of Elemental Crystals stolen from Ekimu to create the Mask of Ultimate Power.[2]

In Capital City in the Region of Stone, Makuta donned the Mask of Ultimate Power and began to destroy the island. Ekimu knocked the mask from Makuta's face, destroying it and releasing its destructive power. Capital City, along with Makuta, was sucked into the Shadow Realm,[3] and Ekimu was sent into a deep slumber.[4]


The shockwave rolling across Okoto

A great storm descended upon Okoto. The City of the Mask Makers was abandoned and fell into ruin.[1] Capital City was seemingly destroyed, leaving only the Black Crater in its place.[3]

The Protectors of the time found Ekimu and heard the Prophecy of Heroes rise from his body, which they passed down through the generations. They interred Ekimu in the City of the Mask Makers.[4]

The Elemental Creatures hid Makuta's Mask of Control in the Labyrinth of Control.[5]

Makuta was trapped in the Shadow Realm, where he transformed and donned a new mask. He devised a plan to escape the Shadow Realm and conquer Okoto.[3]


  • The event was also described as a "great cataclysm,"[6] the same name as the pivotal Generation 1 event in which Makuta cast Mata Nui into an endless sleep.
  • The visuals of Makuta's betrayal have differed in each depiction. The Legend showed Makuta increasing in size and changing color to black and red, with his and Ekimu's battle taking place in a rocky landscape. Gathering of the Toa featured a similar setting and Makuta's color change, but not change in size, while Battle of the Mask Makers featured them facing off in Capital City, with Makuta retaining his original size and color scheme. BIONICLE: The Journey to One depicts the battle in Capital City, and shows Makuta grow larger and gaining purple lines.


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