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"Come on! Them's too easy. Gotta step it up some."
— Lewa, BIONICLE: The Journey to One


Master of Jungle
Mask Mask of Jungle (formerly)
Golden Mask of Jungle
Element Jungle
Tools Battle Axes
Status Upgraded
Pronunciation LEE-wah
Set number 70784 Lewa – Master of Jungle (instructions)

Uniter of Jungle
Mask Unity Mask of Jungle (formerly)
Golden Unity Mask of Jungle
Element Jungle
Tools Razor Crystal Blades (formerly)
Status Alive
Location Elemental Star of Jungle
Pronunciation LEE-wah
Set number 71305 Lewa Uniter of Jungle (instructions)

Lewa, the Master of Jungle, later known as the Uniter of Jungle, is one of the six Toa foretold in the Prophecy of Heroes to save Okoto.


Arrival on Okoto

After the Protectors recited the Prophecy of Heroes, Lewa and his five fellow Toa fell from the sky and crash-landed on Okoto. Lewa landed in the island's Region of Jungle.

Lewa and Vizuna, the Protector of Jungle, spent weeks navigating the region's thick woodlands in search of the Golden Mask of Jungle.

During their travels, Vizuna relied upon his sensor tail, which Lewa questioned since the directions it gave them seemed to get them nowhere that they wanted to go. Eventually they came to a large cliff that Vizuna began to descend, only to be attacked by Skull Spiders. Acting purely on instinct, Lewa dove from the cliff and began to fly, an ability he couldn't recall having due to amnesia, and saved Vizuna from falling.[1]

The two eventually located the mask at the Jungle Shrine; Vizuna's senser tails sensed more Skull Spiders coming. Vizuna held the Spiders off while Lewa went to collect the mask. Lewa then donned the mask and channeled its elemental power to save Vizuna from a group of Skull Spiders.[2]

The Toa of Jungle then traveled to the City of the Mask Makers. There, he met his fellow Toa Gali, Pohatu, Onua, and Kopaka, all of whom had found their own respective Golden Masks. Tahu then arrived and proclaimed himself to be the leader of the Toa; Kopaka, meanwhile, insisted that he worked under no command. The two heroes dropped their weapons and charged at one another. After Onua broke up the altercation, Gali proposed a vote to elect the team's leader; Lewa jokingly declared his support for Onua.

Pohatu then noticed the approach of the Lord of Skull Spiders and warned his team. Lewa rushed the beast hoping to defeat it on his own, but the Toa's hopes were dashed when Gali knocked him out of the way. At Onua's suggestion, Lewa joined the other Toa in a combined assault and defeated the Lord of Skull Spiders.

Battling Skull Creatures

Tahu then received a vision from Ekimu urging the Toa to find his resting place. As the Toa began to search the City of the Mask Makers, Lewa bemoaned the difficulty of their task. After entering a walled area of the city, the heroes sprung a trap that locked the enclosure's gates; a troop of Skull Warriors then shot at the trapped Toa from afar while others rose from the earth to engage the heroes on foot. Lewa took flight during the encounter and flew beyond the enclosure's walls in order to scout ahead. While airborne, Lewa discovered the city's ancient Arena. The Master of Jungle then swooped back and blew the Skull Warriors off their perch while the other Toa defeated their opponents on the ground.

With the threat defeated, Lewa suggested that the Toa venture to the Arena; Kopaka rejected Lewa's idea and reminded him of the team's mission. Upon further pestering, Kopaka ordered Lewa to follow him, but the Master of Jungle disobeyed and instead flew to the Arena. As Lewa inspected a series of carvings depicting an ancient arena game, Skull Slicer ambushed the hero and stole his Golden Mask. The Toa collapsed on the ground, unconscious; the other Toa eventually found Lewa's body and caught sight of Skull Slicer brandishing his mask. Lewa was carried by Pohatu into the Arena, where Skull Slicer put on the Golden Mask and began to drain Lewa's energy. Lewa told the group the aim of the arena game: to hit a lever at the top of the playing field. The Toa retrieved Lewa's mask and won the game, defeating Skull Slicer. In the process, however, Onua accidentally destroyed the entire arena.

In the rubble, the Toa discussed their previous exploits, and decided that it was their duty to protect the island of Okoto. Afterwords he noticed a breeze through the rocks that indicated a tunnel, which led Onua to dig the team out. Once exiting the cave the Toa found themselves in a graveyard, and began to look for Ekimu. However, they were confronted by Skull Scorpios who stole Pohatu's mask. While Tahu, Onua and Gali were flicked away by the Scorpios, Lewa makes the Skull Scorpios follow him to Ekimu's tomb, and dislodges a large statue so that it falls and crushes both of them.

The heroes then awakened Ekimu with their powers, and he led them to his forge in order to stop Kulta the Skull Grinder from destroying his Mask of Creation. After a brief battle with the Skull Basher, they confronted Kulta, who donned the Mask of Creation and used its power to break the Golden Masks of the Toa. Luckily, Ekimu was able to repair his Hammer of Power, which he used to defeat Kulta and then repair the masks.

Vizuna and the other Protectors joined the Toa in the city, and together they imprisoned the powerless Skull Grinder and Skull Basher after Ekimu restored the masks. They then prepared the city for the arrival of the Okotans, who would make it their new home.

Lewa and his comrades were soon called upon to undertake a rescue mission, which led them to a mountain range in the Region of Earth. There Lewa was captured by a giant, Skull Spider-controlled hawk, losing his mask and one of his axes as it took him to the city of the Skull Raiders. He was imprisoned briefly along with two Okotans, but rescued by the other Toa and Ekimu during a battle that saw the destruction of the Raiders' city.

Uniting With Elemental Creatures

After receiving new armor, masks, and weapons from Ekimu, Lewa and the rest of the Toa confronted a small pack of Skull Warriors along with Skull Spiders inside the City of the Mask Makers, testing their new masks and powers. Afterwards, Ekimu sent the Toa to find their Golden Masks of Unity and their Elemental Creatures after Lewa saw the beasts in vision. Lewa, in the Region of Jungle, eventually spotted Uxar, where he was attacked by the creature. Lewa, impressed, challenged Uxar to a race to the Jungle Temple. However, a Shadow Trap captured Uxar, alerting Umarak to come and capture it. Umarak united with the creature, but Lewa attacked Umarak, knocking Uxar off of his back so he could not see the rest of the vision that the creature had held. Lewa fought Umarak, eventually defeating him by figuring out that he was weakened near light. Umarak escaped and Lewa continued his race with Uxar, which led them to the temple where Lewa claimed his new Golden Mask and gained the ability to merge with Uxar.

Lewa and Uxar returned to the city, where he informed the other Toa of Umarak's attack, prompting them to rest the night before setting out for the Labyrinth of Control. Along the way the entire group was attacked by Umarak, his traps, and a trio of bestial clones as Umarak tried to determine the weak links in their group. After making their way through the Region of Jungle, the Toa discovered that the Labyrinth lay on an island off the coast, which they proceeded to race to with the aid of their Creatures, the one exception being Pohatu. Upon reaching the Labyrinth, Lewa and the others noticed that it seemed oddly familiar, suggesting a connection between its origin and their own. The Toa of Stone's reluctance to bond with his Creature came back to haunt him when Umarak captured Ketar, Creature of Stone, and used him to claim the Mask of Control. However, the heroes remained undaunted, and determined to face whatever threats lay in store for them.

Lewa's region was the first to feel the wrath of the transformed Umarak's Shadow Horde, and Lewa was devastated to find a Jungle Village in ruins following the beasts' onslaught. He and the other Toa then traveled to the City of the Mask Makers where they were soon forced to engage the monsters themselves, with Lewa teaming up with Gali when the group split into teams of two. To his surprise, the group were soon informed that they had to leave the Elemental Creatures to defend the city alongside the Okotans while they and a powered up Ekimu left to stop Umarak from freeing Makuta. Throughout the ensuing journey, Lewa would repeatedly become upset when one or more of his teammates expressed confidence that their task would be easy.

Eventually Lewa and his friends faced Umarak outside a portal to the Shadow Realm where Makuta was trapped, and were forced to face the villain without powers or weapons. Despite this, they remained undaunted, and eventually Gali - who had been drawn into the Shadow Realm by the energies of the Dark Portal - provided the answer to defeating their enemy after Umarak was sacrificed by his master. As Makuta attempted to emerge back into Okoto, the Toa united their powers to trap him back in the Shadow Realm. As a result, they were returned to the stars from which they had come, leaving Okoto at peace at long last.

Abilities and Traits

LEGO Club Stats
Power 8
Agility 8
Special Abilities 4
Intelligence 5
Weaponry 7
Fear Factor 6
Luck 5
Lewa flying on his X-Gliders

Lewa is a carefree daredevil and an adventurer. He is a rebellious, cunning, and sarcastic Toa, with a "rush in first, ask questions later" attitude that often leads him into trouble. He is extremely careless and often causes problems for his teammates; however, his unconventional approach can lead to innovative solutions to issues. Lewa is unnerved by the green Skull Spiders' ability to see in complete darkness.

Lewa is able to control the element of Jungle and he can communicate with plants and the wind.[3][4] The Toa feels at home in forested regions.

Lewa's signature moves are Blade Flight and Cleave Sprint.[3]

Mask and Tools

When he arrived on Okoto, Lewa wore the Mask of Jungle, which gave him elemental control over Jungle. He later exchanged this for the Golden Mask of Jungle, which granted him enhanced elemental powers. Further power came as he was given the Unity Mask of Jungle by Ekimu and then led to the Golden Unity Mask of Jungle by Uxar, whom he gained the ability to combine with using the new mask.

Lewa originally wielded two Battle Axes as his primary weapons, which could be split into a pair of swords and the X-Glider, which allowed the Toa to take flight. Ekimu later replaced them with the Razor Crystal Blades. Later these blades were lost during the final battle with Umarak.

Set Information

70784 Lewa – Master of Jungle was released in the January 2015 product wave and contains 85 pieces. The set includes the Mask of Jungle, the Golden Mask of Jungle, and a blue Skull Spider. Lewa is one of the wave's three smaller-sized Toa figures.

71305 Lewa Uniter of Jungle was released in January of 2016. It contained 79 pieces, including the Unity Mask of Jungle and the Golden Unity Mask of Jungle.



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