Storm Beasts

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Storm Beasts
Beasts of Water
Element Water
Tools Battle Tails
Status Active
Location Okoto
Set number 71314 Storm Beast (instructions)

Storm Beasts are the Elemental Beasts of Water.


The Storm Beasts were created by Umarak, the Destroyer by combining Shadow Traps with the element of Water, and were commanded to attack the City of the Mask Makers along with the Quake Beasts and Lava Beasts. After the first wave was defeated, the Storm Beasts retreated to call down a tremendous storm upon the city, but Gali and Lewa defeated them. The Elemental Creatures and Okotans continued to fight the Storm Beasts and others while the Toa set out to defeat Umarak.

In the Black Crater, Umarak created more beasts to hold off the Toa. One Storm Beast attacked Ekimu and nearly took his Mask of Creation, but Agil destroyed its mask and Kopaka destroyed it. The Toa then destroyed the remaining beasts.

Abilities and Traits

A Storm Beast's Battle Tail

Storm Beasts possess storm-based powers, allowing them to manipulate wind and generate lightning and storms. Upon defeat, they dissolve into puddles of water, which are then capable of reforming into Storm Beasts.

Mask and Tools

Storm Beasts' natural tools are their Battle Tails and their sharp claws. Each Storm Beast bears a Beast Mask of Corruption. The mask is the source of their power, and allows them to reform themselves but leaves them vulnerable if destroyed.

Set Information

Storm Beast Set
Storm Beast

71314 Storm Beast was released as part of the summer 2016 wave. The set includes a Beast Mask of Corruption and a corrupted Unity Mask of Ice.


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