Quake Beasts

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Quake Beasts
Beasts of Stone
Element Stone
Tools Crystal Fists
Status Active
Location Okoto
Set number 71315 Quake Beast (instructions)

Quake Beasts are the Elemental Beasts of Stone.


The Quake Beasts were once Shadow Traps until Umarak, the Destroyer combined them with the element of Stone.[1] The Quake Beasts along with Storm Beasts and Lava Beasts soon attacked the City of the Mask Makers to distract the Toa from their master's plans to free Makuta. After sustaining heavy casualties, the Quake Beasts retreated and rolled boulders at the city. Onua raised a wall of earth to block the boulders, and left Pohatu to deal with the remaining Quake Beasts. After defeating the first wave of them, the Toa left to stop Makuta's escape, while the Elemental Creatures and Okotans continued to defend the city from the Shadow Horde.

In the Black Crater, Umarak summoned more Quake Beasts to hold off the Toa while he completed the ritual. These Quake Beasts were destroyed by the Toa.

Abilities and Traits

The Quake Beasts have Stone based powers, allowing them to hurl huge rock. When defeated they shatter into piles of crystal, but have the ability to reconstitute themselves.

Mask and Tools

Quake Beasts' natural tools are their Crystal Fists and their sharp claws. Each Quake Beast bears a Beast Mask of Corruption. Their masks allow the Quake Beasts to regenerate themselves after defeat.

Set Information

Quake Beast Set
Quake Beast

71315 Quake Beast was released as part of the summer 2016 wave. The set includes a Beast Mask of Corruption and a corrupted Unity Mask of Earth.


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