Skull Raiders

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Skull Raiders
Headquarters Underground city (formerly)
Leader Kulta
Axato (tribal commander)
Goals Conquer Okoto
Allies Makuta
Skull Army
Enemies Toa
Okotans (Protectors)
Status Defunct

The Skull Raiders were an ancient gang of pirates who plagued Okoto.


Thousands of years ago, the Skull Raiders, under the leadership of Kulta, besieged the peaceful Okotans. They were eventually defeated and driven into a range of mountains in the Region of Earth and the Region of Jungle by the Mask Makers Ekimu and Makuta and the Protectors of that time. Afterwards, Makuta approached them in secret and offered them the chance to rule alongside him when he unleashed the Mask of Ultimate Power. When the Great Cataclysm reshaped Okoto, the Skull Raiders were trapped in caverns beneath the mountains, which they eventually built into a sprawling underground city.

Kulta eventually discovered a means of escape, and then constructed a secret entrance with a trap in there of the Skull Raiders' city to capture intruders. The Skull Raiders also constructed a passage that did not have a trap, and that was linked to the upper level of the city. Kulta allied with Makuta's dark spirit, the only remnant of the Mask Maker, who instructed most of the Skull Raiders to remain in their city. Kulta continued to serve Makuta as the leader of the Skull Army.

Kulta used a Skull Spider enslaved a hawk to capture trespassers to the underground city. The hawk eventually brought a pair of Okotan children from the Region of Stone to the Skull Raiders, and later Toa Lewa was captured as well. After the other Toa freed the hawk from its Spider, the Skull Raiders then captured the Toa and the recently revived Ekimu, whom the Skull Raiders despised and blamed for their long imprisonment. A series of battles subsequently broke out, but Kulta and the other Skull Raiders were eventually imprisoned after Ekimu brought down the ceiling of their city.


The Skull Raiders are violent and savage. There are hundreds of them.[1] They are perfectly willing to harm innocents to achieve their vile ends, as evidenced by their threats to drop their prisoners into a pit of lava. They also speak their own guttural language and, with the exception of Kulta, do not understand the language of the Okotans, though Ekimu can speak theirs. Skull Raiders are known for not making idle threats and possess their own barbaric code of honor that demands they answer any insult. They also delight in gladiatorial combat. They have a culture, where they chant for Kulta's name due to him being their leader. They made statues of Ekimu's Mask of Creation and Makuta's Mask of Control to represent the Mask Makers. The Skull Raiders spat at Ekimu's statue because of their hatred on him.

Some Skull Raiders wear black Skull Masks.

Skull Raiders utilized several different weapons, including rapid shooters, throwing spears, and weapons that look like a combination of primitive spears and rapid shooters.[2][3]



  • According to Ekimu, Axato and the Skull Raiders that trapped him and the Toa before bringing them to the arena are "descendants" of the Skull Raiders who attacked Okoto before hiding in the mountains.



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