Buzz Saw

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Buzz Saw
Users Reidak (formerly)
Function Turning solid ground to quicksand
Melee combat
Status Abandoned

The Buzz Saw, also called the Power Drill,[1][2] was Reidak's weapon. One end of the weapon was a drill, and on the other the buzzsaw portion. This weapon had the ability to turn solid ground to quicksand. It could also be used as a melee weapon. Reidak used the drill portion to set up crafty underground traps.[3]

Reidak received his Buzz Saw from the Dark Hunters' armory.[4] He later abandoned it following his mutation.

Example Usage

In the Voya Nui Online Animations, Reidak used his Buzz Saw to pin down Piruk.

Set Information

The Buzz Saw in set form

The Buzz Saw was released in 8900 Reidak in early 2006.


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