Lava Launcher

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Lava Launcher
Users Hakann (formerly)
Function Channeling his Fire powers
Delivering electric shocks
Status Abandoned

The Lava Launcher, also known as the Lava Gun,[1] was Hakann's main weapon. It could be used to channel his Fire powers without requiring the aid of another Skakdi.[2][3] The Lava Launcher also had an Energy Claw on its back end, which could shock opponents.

Hakann possessed this weapon before joining the Dark Hunters. Lariska damaged it during a fight with Hakann, but it was later repaired.[4] The Lava Launcher was abandoned on Voya Nui after Hakann's mutation.


The Lava Launcher could fire bursts of lava at a target. The weapon could be charged to produce lava balls of varying size and intensity.

Example Usage

In Power Play, Hakann used his Lava Launcher in a battle against the other Piraka and the Toa Inika.

The Lava Launcher in set form

Set Information

The Lava Launcher was included in 8901 Hakann in early 2006. It consisted of two pieces: the weapon itself, and a transparent red rod clipped into its barrel.


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