Seismic Pickaxe

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Seismic Pickaxe
Set Seismic Pickaxe.png
Users Avak (formerly)
Function Launching destructive energy blasts
Status Abandoned

The Seismic Pickaxe was Avak's main weapon. It was a combination of two weapons: a jackhammer on one end and a pickaxe on the other. The Seismic Pickaxe could slice through almost anything and then weld it back together.[citation needed: promo magazines?] It could also fire destructive energy blasts.

Avak received his Seismic Pickaxe from the Dark Hunters' armory.[1] It was later abandoned after his mutation.

Example Usage

In the Voya Nui Online Animations, Avak used the Seismic Pickaxe to destroy part of a mountainside.

Set Information

The Seismic Pickaxe was included in 8904 Avak in early 2006.


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