Water Harpoon

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Water Harpoon
Users Vezok (formerly)
Function Firing harpoons
Shooting water daggers
Water transportation
Status Abandoned

The Water Harpoon was Vezok's weapon. Vezok could use this tool to move through rough currents or as a water jet to propel him through water.[1] One end has the launching mechanism, which could shoot harpoons, something Vezok greatly enjoyed doing.[2][3] On its opposite end is a buzzsaw that could also tap into Vezok's Water powers to launch high-pressured water daggers that slice through solid matter.[4][5][6][7]

Vezok received his Water Harpoon from the Dark Hunters' armory.[8] He later abandoned on it Voya Nui following his mutation.

Example Usage

The Water Harpoon in use

In If a Universe Ends, Vezok used his Water Harpoon to splinter a falling tree with water daggers.[9]

In Legacy of Evil, Vezok used the weapon to shoot harpoons at Turaga Dume.

Vezok used the buzzsaw-end of the weapon to cut down a tree in a single swipe in Vengeance of Axonn.

Set Information

The Water Harpoon was released in 8902 Vezok in early 2006.


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