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"We'll make them wish they never came here. Let the bone hunters raid some other village — Vulcanus will not surrender!"
Raanu, Raid on Vulcanus

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Status Nonexistent
Position Bara Magna
Pronunciation vull-CAI-nus

Vulcanus was the Bara Magna home to the Agori Fire Tribe, led by Raanu.


An area of Vulcanus

Vulcanus existed on Spherus Magna prior to the Shattering as a Fire Tribe outpost. After the Core War ended, it became the home of the surviving Fire Tribe on Bara Magna. After the arena system was created, Vulcanus bartered and competed using its ability to use the lava and heat in their village to create and repair weapons and armor, along with objects made from and with Exsidian.

Vulcanus' original leader was eventually killed by Vorox, and Raanu was elected the leader of the village.

The Glatorian Malum, who had been serving the Fire Tribe, was exiled to the wastelands for crimes in the arena. As such, Vulcanus struggled in claiming resources for some time.

Glatorian from the Jungle Tribe and Rock Tribe met in Vulcanus to settle a dispute over who would acquire a small amount of water. The Skrall defeated the Jungle Tribe fighter, Gresh, in the arena, but was prevented from killing him by another Glatorian, Tarix.

Vulcanus was a frequent victim to attacks by Bone Hunters, who continuously raided and pillaged the village. In order to combat the raiders, a wandering Agori volunteered to help find Glatorian who would fight for the village. He managed to hire Gresh, Tarix, Strakk, and a Skrall to protect the village.

The retired Glatorian Gelu found a detailed map of Vulcanus in possession of the Bone Hunter Fero. After protecting a caravan from the greedy hunter, Gelu took the map and questioned him about it, receiving no answers.

After traveling to Vulcanus, the ex-Glatorian, along with Gresh and Metus, were able to tell its leader, Raanu, about the map to which they agreed was used for a planned invasion from the Bone Hunters. The city's prime Glatorian, Ackar, also joined in the formation of a defense plan and volunteered to lead the operation. The three traveled to different tribes, searching for anyone who would help. Raanu also sent two Glatorian trainees to Tajun.

Ackar and Gelu successfully secured the aid of Malum and his Vorox in an attack on the Bone Hunter camp, giving Vulcanus time to defend against the raid. The exiled Glatorian refused, however, to help the city during the main attack.

Gresh was able enroll two Glatorian from Tesara and tricked Strakk into joining as well. Fero found the two young Glatorian traveling to Tajun, and killed them. The bodies were later found by Tarix and Kiina, who brought the bodies to Tajun for burial and then traveled to Vulcanus to deliver the news. Upon their arrival they agreed to help defend the village.

The Agori of Vulcanus, with help from the Glatorian who had been hired, worked to fortify the village. When Gresh and Strakk arrived, Gresh delivered news from the traveling Agori that the Bone Hunter attack would come through the Iron Canyon in the east, rather than from the northwest as had originally been assumed. With this knowledge, the Glatorian and Agori set up a series of traps along the stretch of the canyon, rather than visibly fortifying the eastern walls.

Fero's raid on Vulcanus, heading through the Iron Canyon, was unsuccessful. With multiple traps laid out and the rough terrain of that area, the Bone Hunters began to take heavy beatings by the Agori and Glatorian. Soon, Fero ordered a retreat.

The Vulcanus Arena

Gresh scouted north and watched as the Bone Hunters traveled as far as Skrall River. Returning to Vulcanus, the Jungle Glatorian confirmed their sudden retreat. Everyone was skeptical about this, considering the Bone Hunters' ferocity. Though they agreed that the Bone Hunters would return, Raanu thought otherwise, and abruptly thanked the alien Glatorian for their support, their services no longer needed. Despite Ackar's pleas, the Glatorian angrily left.

A few days later, the Bone Hunters returned, following the Skrall River south of Vulcanus. They struck quickly, crushing any defenses the Agori had stationed. Fero wounded Ackar as they dueled and Vulcanus began to fall apart. The Glatorian from the first raid, however, suddenly returned from neighboring villages, with them including Tarix and Vastus. With their combined strength in the battle, the Glatorian were able to defeat most of the Bone Hunters, and Fero retreated, ending the raid on Vulcanus.

Ackar and Kiina began a practice match that Ackar won. Watching the fight, Raanu suggested to Ackar that he practice harder as Strakk was a difficult opponent. Kiina stated her resentment towards the Agori leader before they witnessed the Ignika lighting up the night sky. Later, Ackar fought against Strakk in a match that Metus and Mata Nui were observing. When Strakk attempted to kill Ackar, Mata Nui jumped in, Click forming his Scarab Shield. He defeated Strakk, and went to Ackar's home where he explained to him why he was on the planet. Kiina revealed herself, and decided to give Mata Nui a lift to Tajun to see a secret cave.

After the Battle of Roxtus, the main shelter of Vulcanus was dragged over to Tesara to combine with the other robot pieces in order to form the Mega-Village, unknowingly reconnecting the Prototype Robot.


An aerial view of the region of Vulcanus

The village is located north of the Sea of Liquid Sand, west of Iron Canyon and south of the territory of the Bone Hunters. The village itself is comprised of one main structure housing Agori homes and workplaces, the typical layout of Bara Magna's villages.

Vulcanus Lava Flow

The Vulcanus Lava Flow is a stream of lava which flows into the village of Vulcanus from the outskirts of the Iron Canyon.

Arena Vulcanus

The Arena Vulcanus served to host Glatorian matches. Its architectural features include a large mechanical piece sculpture and the Lava Flow pouring from it. After the Agori united, it is now out of use.

Flame Geysers

The Flame Geysers are located to the north of the village and are a part of Fire Tribe's territory. The Skrall were trying to claim this part of land two months before the arrival of Mata Nui on Bara Magna.[1]


Raanu in Vulcanus

Fire Tribe

The Agori of the Fire Tribe reside in Vulcanus, led by Raanu. Ackar was the prime Glatorian of Vulcanus, and now captains the Glatorian defense force. Before his exile, Malum was the Second Glatorian fighting for the Fire Tribe.


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