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Toa Mangai of Ice
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User Status Alive
BZPower Username none
BZPower Status none
Location Indiana
Gender Male
Favorite Set Top 10 in reverse order:

"I don't buy the whole concept of 'maturity'."
— Me

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(*) means the set in question was taken apart.

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TakanuvaChannelingPowers.PNG This user likes Light types the best.
Thief! This user stole a bunch of userboxes from other people.
Pohatu Mata Set.PNG This user also likes Stone types the best.
Foam Finger Matoran.PNG This is where this user would put his noticeably noticeable notice if he had a noticeably noticeable notice that he wanted you to notice.
113 This user has 113 Bionicle sets.
Bwahahaha! This user intends to mobilize his 113 sets into an army to conquer the universe.
Gali Mata Finds Kanohi Pakari.png This user also also likes Water types the best.
Tahu Mata Set.PNG This user also also also likes Fire types the best.
Infected Kanohi Mata Nui.PNG This user has been a fan of BIONICLE since 2001.
Rosskinub.png This user supports the ReignOfShadow Wiki Skin. KNEEL BEFORE TERIDAX!
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B-5 This user is an expert on all things BIONICLE.
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Nuvatoka.png This user fights for the Toa Nuva!
MoL Tahu Nuva Magma Sword.PNG This ... user ... must ... BURN STUFF!
=D This user used [Cholie's UserBox service!
+ This user allows you to use any of his userboxes.
Set Taipu.png This user is not available for purchase.
LetterM.png This user can read Matoran. Matoro Mahri.png This user will never forget Matoro.
Glatorian.png This user LIKES.
2001-2007 Poster.png This user likes all of BIONICLE.
Comic Battle for the Codrex.png This user likes epic battles.
ZaktannGrin.png This user misses Zaktan.
Animation Vezon.png This user's favorite character is Vezon.
>.< Bad grammar makes this user cringe.
Takadox.PNG This user's favorite Barraki is Takadox!
Brutaka.png This user's favorite OoMN member is Brutaka.
MoMN Teridax This user is a nitpicker.
Gukko.PNG This user leads an army of 2-ton chickadees.
Lesovikk Alone.PNG No one has called this user Toa in a very long time.
Skrall Army.png This user has an army of Skrall and is not afraid to use them.
Nuju.png This user thinks Nuju is cool. (Insert groans here)
Ruki.PNG this user was a noob lol!!!11!
External Image This user makes good use of the Grammar Hammer!
MNOLG2 Protodermis.PNG Ooh, shiny!
Battle for Power Game Main Screen.png This user Battles for Power.
Widgets.png This user is rich!
Set Makuta Krika.jpg This user DOES HAVE.
Comic Kopaka.PNG This user works alone.
External Image This user can't.
BA10.png Can you say "epic win"?
:-( This user has no friends here that he is aware of.
Rahkshi Rocks.png This user plays the guitar.
Comic Makuta Icarax.PNG This user is a miserable heap of Zivon spittle.
Comic Mantax Searching for Tablet of Transit.png im in ur base killin ur d00dz.
Onepu.png Purplepurplepurple...I liiiike puuuuuurrrrpplle...
Comic Skrall Breaking Gresh Shield.png I hate my job.
Comic Great Spirit Mata Nui Brickmaster.jpg Hey Mom, a continent-sized robot followed me home! Can I keep him?
Needpron.png This user aren't no good at grammar and speling niethur.
External Image Albino Ussals oh emm gee. :O
Weird Matoran 1.png This user wants BRAINSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...
QftM 122 A New Path.png This user has a half-finished Ruki for a foot.
HT Takea.png You're gonna need a bigger boat!
BIONICLE The Legend Reborn cover big.jpg This user DOEZ HAZ, and this user DOEZ LIKEZ.
Movie Kiina.jpg Kiina is this user's favorite female character, and one of this user's favorite characters, period.
WoS Roodaka Converting Vakama.png This user can be manipulated. I shouldn't have said that.
Tiribomba.png This user's color scheme is eye-searingly awful.
IslandAssault.PNG This user misses Inika Island Assault.
Art Tahu Using the Golden Armor.jpg This user DOEZ HAZ GOLDEN ARMOR BWAHAHAHAHA.
Art Tahu with Ignika.jpg I like happy endings. Sue me.
CGI Stars.png This user DOEZ LIKEZ. Like, a lot.
Mask of Duplication.png This user has multiple-personality disorder.
Cordak Blast.png Hasta la vista, baby.
Vultraz's kanohi.PNG This user lives off others.
Ko-Matoran.png This user keeps his mouth shut.
Art Army of Rahkshi and Skakdi.jpg "If this is a consular ship, where is the ambassador?!"

The BIONICLE Ten Commandments

  • I. Thou shalt always, forever, and to the end of thine days, remember Matoro.
  • II. Thou shalt not liketh Neo Shifters. (Thou art, however, allowethed to liketh Transformers.)
  • III. Thou shalt not hateth people for likething Bionicle, post-2003.
  • IV. Thou shalt not endlessly whineth about the supposed awfulness of Bionicle, 2004-2010.
  • V. Thou shalt not sayeth "Toa Olda."
  • VI. Thou shalt purchaseth at least one set per year.
  • VII. Thou shalt taketh advantage of sales.
  • VIII. Thou shalt be a member of at least one fansite.
  • IX. Thou shalt not call Bionicle characters robots, nor shalt thou alloweth others to do so.
  • X. Thou shalt always, forever, and to the end of thine days, remember Lhikan.
  • X.V. And if thou dost sayeth, or alloweth others to sayeth "Bionicles", thou shalt have a rabid Energy Hound sic-ethed on thyself.


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The Good Soldier
You followed orders and reported to me. (Exclusive April 1st 2009 Achievement.)