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Hechidnat got into Bionicle in the second year of the series' run and has enjoyed it ever since. His first Bionicle set was a McDonald's Kongu, followed swiftly by a Pohatu Nuva set. His most recent set(s) was either the Toa Mata Nui box set or the Stars lineup.

My Interests (Besides Bionicle)

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Transformers
  • Star Wars
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Disney
  • Redwall

My Sets

Currently Own

Don't Own

Wish Existed

  • Matoran (in the 2003 style, using characters who didn't have sets in this form)
  • Special Edition Set: Mata Nui Online Game/Online Videos collection
    • Matoran Makuta
    • Takua
    • Kapura
    • Kopeke
    • Tamaru
    • Hahli
    • Ahkmou
    • Taipu