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BIONICLE Mahri: Hewkii
BIONICLE Mahri Hewkii.png
Online Game
Platform Online
Controls Keyboard

BIONICLE Mahri: Hewkii is an online game hosted on in which the player, playing as Toa Mahri Hewkii has to find keys and Cordak missiles to defeat Barraki bosses. In the game description, Kalmah has stolen the Kanohi Ignika and controls Jellyfish Rahi.



In each level, Hewkii must find four keys trapped in bubbles to open the blue force gate which guards the Barraki lair. When enemies are defeated, they release air bubbles which give Hewkii an additional fifteen seconds of air. There are also six Cordak missiles per level to collect to use in the battle against the Barraki boss. Bubbles containing two hundred extra points are also places sporadically through each level. Finally, there are red force gates which can be unlocked by entering special codes that could be obtained from the Jetix BIONICLE microsite.


  • Space Bar - Attack with the Aqua Warblade
  • Ctrl - Launch Cordak Missile
  • Up - Jump
  • Left/Right - Move left and right respectively


Image Description
BMH Air.png These bubbles are dropped by defeated enemies and add fifteen seconds of air to the counter.
BMH Cordak Missile.png Six missiles are found sporadically throughout each level and are used against the Barraki boss.
BMH Points.png These items are located in hard to reach places and contain an additional two hundred points.
BMH Key.png Four keys are required to open the blue force gate which provides access to the Barraki lair.
BMH Blue Force Gate.png This force gate bars access to the Barraki lair until the four keys are collected.
BMH Red Force Gate.png This force gate bars access to a secret area unlocked by entering special codes.


Level Minions Boss
1 CTHa Pit Jellyfish.png BMH Barraki Boss 1.png
2 CTHa Rahi 2.png BMH Barraki Boss 2.png
3 CTHa Rahi 3.png BMH Barraki Boss 3.png
4 BMH Enemy 4.png BMH Barraki Boss 4.png
5 CTHa Rahi 4.png BMH Barraki Boss 5.png
6 Flash Mutated Takea Shark.PNG BMH Barraki Boss 6.png


The special codes which unlock the red force gates are as follows.

  • Level 1: "toa mahri"
  • Level 2: "bionicle"
  • Level 3: "mask of life"
  • Level 4: "hewkii"

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