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Assigned Metru All
Powers Splitting into six autonomous limbs
Tools Stun Staffs
Stun gas
Status Inactive
Pronunciation KRAH-hoo
Set number 8615+8617+8619

Kraahu were a specialized type of Vahki that were called into action less often than the standard models.


After the failure of the Kralhi, the city of Metru Nui developed the robotic Vahki as law enforcement agents. The Kraahu was designed as an elite model, like the Kranua, and was utilized less often than the six primary models. Kraahu were often deployed to deal with Rahi threats.[1][2]

All the Kraahu have been destroyed by either the Great Cataclysm or the Visorak.[3]

Abilities and Traits

Unlike normal Vahki, who had a central mechanism governing their intelligence, Kraahu had multiple knowledge centers located throughout their bodies. The advantage of this was that Kraahu could split apart and have their individual pieces act independently. This allowed them to challenge multiple foes by sending their six legs off in six different directions, while their other components monitored the area and defended against attacks. As a single unit, a Kraahu was capable of sending out clouds of stun gas. Kraahu parts gave off a powerful electrical shock when touched.[1]

Set Information

A Kraahu as a set

The Kraahu can be built out of the Vahki sets Bordakh, Keerakh, and Zadakh. Each of its components contains a part of the Kraahu's instructions in the back of its normal instruction booklet.





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