BIONICLE: The Journey Begins

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BIONICLE: The Journey Begins
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Series Magazine
Author Unknown
Publisher LEGO

BIONICLE: The Journey Begins is a special insert included in the January–February 2015 issue of the LEGO Club Magazine.


The booklet contains 10 pages of information describing the world of BIONICLE's second generation, as well as a fold-out poster depicting a struggle between the good and evil forces. The first pages relate the history of the island of Okoto, and how Makuta broke taboos to forge an ultimate mask, which forced his brother Ekimu to stop him. After that is a map of Okoto, with descriptions of the regions and their inhabitants. Next comes a description of the six Masters, and the Golden Masks of Power they must collect, followed by a description of the Protectors who will guide them. Finally, there is a page on the Lord of Skull Spiders, a mysterious beast guarding the City of the Mask Makers.

On the back cover there is also a teaser for the 2015 summer sets, beneath the shadowy, skeletal face of Kulta.




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