Water Blades

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Water Blades
Set Water Blades.png
A Water Blade
Users Glatorian Tarix
Function Melee combat
Channeling his Water powers
Status In use

The Water Blades are a pair of blade-like weapons wielded by the Glatorian Tarix.

The original form of a Water Blade

During the Core War, the Water Blades were charged with the Elemental Power of Water. However, this charge wore off some time after the Shattering.

After an arena match against Vastus in Tesara, Tarix gave one of his Water Blades to Mata Nui, who used the Kanohi Ignika to repair[1] and enhance the weapon and endow Tarix with the Elemental Power of Water.

Example Usage

In Sands of Bara Magna, Tarix threw one of his Water Blades at a Skrall, blocking an attack on Gresh. Tarix caught the blade as it rebounded.

Tarix throwing a Water Blade at a Skrall

Set Information

Two water blades were included in the Tarix set. The blades were comprised of three pieces each, with an extra two on the right blade to attach a Thornax Launcher. The main weapon piece has a gold base with a flexible, light blue blade attached to it.

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