Sun Holes

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"Just because the suns hang above us now does not mean they will always burn bright."
Turaga Lhikan, Legends of Metru Nui

Sun Holes
Status Destroyed
Position Metru Nui's dome

The Sun Holes, known by Matoran as the Twin Suns, were two holes in the dome of the island city Metru Nui.


The Sun Holes were constructed by the Great Beings and Matoran laborers during the construction of the Matoran Universe. The openings are barricaded with a membrane of impermeable energy which prevents external materials from entering. While functioning as the Great Spirit Mata Nui's eyes, they allow natural sunlight to pass through into Metru Nui's dome. At night, these holes double as twin moons.[1]

The Sun Holes open again

During the Great Cataclysm, the Sun Holes were obstructed due to the accidental creation of the island of Mata Nui above Metru Nui's dome. One was covered by a glacier on Mount Ihu in Ko-Wahi and the other was covered by the coral and dirt that accumulated at the bottom of Naho Bay in Ga-Wahi. For over a thousand years, the Sun Holes remained obstructed.

When the body of the Great Spirit was re-awakened, the Sun Holes were cleared of debris and re-opened. However, when Makuta Teridax assumed full control of the Great Spirit, the membranes of the holes ominously turned red.[2][3][4]


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