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Hahli travels to each of the Koro to practice her Kolhii skills with the other teams in preparation for the Championship. During her visits, each of the Turaga congratulates her on making it to the Championship and imparts words of encouragement.

Turaga Nokama smiles when Hahli returns to Ga-Koro. “May Gali’s wisdom guide you, Champion,” she says.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the Kolhii-master from Ga-Koro!” says Turaga Whenua in Onu-Koro. “Shouldn’t you be hurrying to Ta-Koro for the championship? We are all excited to see the game. Everyone is getting ready to make the long journey there!” As she departs, he adds, “May Onua give you strength in the competition!”

“So, you have returned to peaceful Ko-Koro,” Matoro translates for Turaga Nuju. “I have heard of your great successes on the kolhii fields of Mata Nui. You have brought great honor to your village. Now, you must go to Ta-Koro to face their team, and that of Po-Koro, in the Championship. Then the true test will begin.”

“We all make ready to depart, Hahli, should you not be going too?” chides Turaga Matau in Le-Koro. “I have heard that you and Macku have made it to the Championship. Hardluck have we Le-Matoran, but I am excited to see the game. I shall cheer for you in Ta-Koro!” As she departs, he adds, “Good luck in the Championship, Hahli!”

“Hello again, Hahli!” Turaga Onewa welcomes her in Po-Koro. “I have heard that Ga-Koro has also made it to the Championship. Congratulations! So did Po-Koro, of course, so you will be facing Hewkii and Hafu on the Kolhii field again. Good luck, Matoran! You will need it!”

“You will be welcome in Po-Koro for the victory celebration!” Onewa calls after her as she departs.

When she is ready, she returns to Ta-Koro. Inside the Chamber of History, Turaga Vakama greets her.

“Welcome back to Ta-Koro, Hahli,” he says. “The Toa, Turaga, and all of Mata Nui have assembled within these walls to see the Championship. Go now to the Kolhii field, and face your Destiny.” Hahli tells Vakama, “Goodbye,” and the Turaga says, “I shall signal the Championship to begin.”

The Ta-Koro Kolhii Field, site of the Championship.

The Championship

Hahli makes her way to Ta-Koro Kolhii Stadium to compete in the Championship against Ta-Koro and Po-Koro. Amazingly, she and Macku are victorious and Ga-Koro wins the Championship!

Later, Hahli and Macku gather around the Sacred Fire for words of praise from Turaga Vakama:

“You trained long and hard for this day, Hahli, and you have won the Championship. All of Mata Nui is singing your praises, and that of Macku and all the people of Ga-Koro. This has been an important day, for it also brings the discovery of the Mask of Light. Takua and Jaller have been dispatched to find the Seventh Toa, and all of Mata Nui is hopeful for the success of their mission.” As Vakama reveals the existence of a Seventh Toa, Hahli and Macku exchange an incredulous glance. Vakama continues, “Go now, and return to your village as Champions.”

“Do not forget your training…” he addresses Hahli specifically. “The Sacred Fire reveals that kolhii is not all that destiny has in store for you, and there is yet a role that you have to play…”

As Macku returns to Ga-Koro, Vakama has one more thing to say to Hahli:

“As the Sacred Fire burns, so do all things expected come to pass, and some things we did not see. You have earned your place on the Wall of History, Champion.”

“Goodbye,” Hahli says.

“You will always be honored in Ta-Koro!” he concludes as he turns back to the fire.

True to Vakama’s word, Takua is no longer working on the Wall of History. Instead there is a small object lying on the ground where he used to work. Discovering it to be the Charm of Duty, Hahli places it in her satchel.

Hahli visits Jaller’s hut as well. Sure enough, there is no sign of the Captain of the Guard. Instead, there is a small object on the floor of the hut which Hahli discovers to be the Charm of Courage. She places it in her satchel. Hahli leaves Ta-Koro through the gate in the northern end of the town square.

The Crystal of Purity

Following Vakama’s advice, Hahli returns to Ga-Koro. Nokama and the rest of the village greet the team enthusiastically. As the festivities unfold, the Turaga wishes for Hahli’s continued success. “Bring our village victory! Good luck!!” she says.[note 1]

“Goodbye,” Hahli says, ready to head out.

“Keep well, Champion!” Nokama says.

As she is making her way through the village, she spies Nixie’s astrolaboratory, and she realizes she has yet to give the astrologer’s formula a crack. Her travels across the island have given her the clues she needs to complete the formula, and now she can solve it. The patron Toa of Unity, she has learned, is Gali, and its first letter would be “G”.

But as Nixie suggested, the second part is harder. To get it, Hahli multiplies the villages (6) by the Principles they follow (6). She adds the Great Spirit and his banished Brother (2), and also the Toa Kaita (2). Then she adds the Virtues (3). She subtracts the Chronicler (1), then divides by the number of Toa (6).

With a start, she realizes that the answer must be G7. At once she enlists the help of Pelagia, paying her to take her to the coordinates in Naho Bay.

But as she makes the dive, Hahli is disappointed. There is nothing to be found here beneath the ocean.

Frustrated, she returns to Nixie to give her report. “I went to G7 but saw nothing,” she says.

Nixie’s eyes widen. “Coordinates? Of course! But - Nothing…? That’s impossible! Unless the Formula is wrong… something is out there, I tell you! Something is under the sea!”

As she is exiting the hut, Vakama’s words echo in Hahli’s head, and she realizes she did not factor in the possibility that there is a Seventh Toa, as the Turaga of Fire has suggested. She quickly attempts to recalculate Nixie’s Formula. This time, she substitutes seven instead of six for the number of Toa. This gives her the coordinates G6. Hahli pays Pelagia to take her to these coordinates.

Hahli retrieving the Crystal of Purity.

This time when she dives under the water, Hahli can see some sort of structure whose entrance is lit by a glowing Lightstone. Entering it, there is a doorway and a small circular keyhole with a riddle above it. The riddle reads: ‘All Are One… Or None.’ Using the knowledge that she has gained from her travels in Mata Nui, Hahli recognizes that this riddle refers to the Virtue of Unity. Removing the Charm of Unity from her satchel, she fits it into the keyhole. The doorway opens and Hahli retrieves the Charm before she passes through it. The next riddles, ‘From Unity Derived’ and ‘From Clear Waters Granted’ refer to the Principle of Purity and the Kolhii Skill of Speed. After unlocking both of these doors through the use of the respective charms, Hahli enters into a large, dimly-lit temple. There are four Matoran head carvings spouting water, but some of the waterfalls are murky. There is a control room to the side of the chamber where four spigots are attached to a series of pipes. Hahli discovers that by turning them in the correct combination (first the third wheel, then the second one and finally the fourth one), all four of the waterfalls can be made to spout clean water. Hahli travels along a narrow walkway heading toward the center of the pool, where a glowing object is lying in the center of a dais. She picks it up and discovers it to be the Crystal of Purity. She returns to Ga-Koro to show Nixie her discovery.

“I found this Crystal at G6,” Hahli explains.

“G6?” Nixie repeats. “But… the only way to get that number is if you added a seventh Toa… what can this mean? Perhaps… Vakama was right, all this time?”

“Goodbye,” Hahli says.

“Hm…” muses the astrologer as Hahli departs.

The Crystal of Prosperity

Intent on discovering other Crystals, Hahli travels to Onu-Koro next. There, Whenua gives her accolades for her victory in Ta-Koro.

“What a match!” the Turaga exclaims. “You are strong and quick, Hahli of Ga-Koro, and the Championship was a wonder to see. You will always be welcome in our great city!”


“Peace and prosperity be with you, Hahli!”

Hahli travels to the flooded Great Mine. Using her improved Stamina and Air Bladders, she dives right to the very bottom. She enters a cave which is decorated with a large mechanical contraption barring further passage. Hahli recognizes the symbol on the contraption to belong to the Principle of Prosperity and she fits the corresponding charm into the contraption’s keyhole. A doorway to a long tunnel appears, which Hahli passes through. Hahli unlocks doorways marked with the symbols of the Virtues Duty and Destiny, and then the Kolhii Skill Stamina using the correct Charms, returning them to her satchel after she uses them. Finally, she enters a massive chamber with a single pathway which leads to a dais. Once she arrives at the dais, she retrieves the Crystal of Prosperity.

The Crystal of Peace

Next, Hahli travels to Ko-Koro. She enters the Chamber of Prophecy in the Sanctum, where Matoro speaks to her on behalf on Turaga Nuju.

“Much of what was seen, has come to pass,” the Ko-Matoran says cryptically. “These are times of great cheer, but now we fear the dark. The wind blows cold on the empty mountain, and what sleeps below it begins to stir.”


“Your trials are not over, Hahli of Ga-Koro. Kopaka protect you.”

Hahli re-enters the Drifts. Traveling through the snow, Hahli can make out the silhouettes of four large statues in the distance. Moving closer, Hahli notices that there are riddles and keyholes on three of the statues and a doorway on the fourth. Hahli fits the appropriate Charm in each of the statues, whose riddles read: ‘The Third Virtue’ (Destiny), ‘Inner Strength’ (Willpower) and ‘Fate’s Child’ (Peace). The doorway of the fourth statue slides open and Hahli enters it. Inside, the Crystal of Peace is positioned on a small dais in the center of the statue. She places it in her satchel and leaves the Drifts.

The Crystal of Faith

Hahli travels to Le-Koro, where Turaga Matau greets the Ga-Matoran warmly.

The Le-Koro Ruins.

“Quickdodge and spiritblessed are you, Hahli!” he praises. All Le-Koro sings songs of water-maiden from the shining sea! Listen close to the call of hoi-turtle and ruki-fish, for they echo the song of far-off Le-Koro!”


“Keep well, Champion!”

While inside Turaga Matau’s chamber, Hahli notices two vines hanging from the ceiling. One reaches the floor of the chamber, while the other is too high off the ground to be reached. Hahli climbs the accessible vine, which takes her to the uppermost reaches of the Le-Wahi canopy. Three branches converge into a central area. At the end of each of the branches, a contraption that appears to be part of the tree itself features a riddle and a keyhole. Hahli fits the appropriate Charm in each of the contraptions, whose riddles read: ‘In Darkness, Light’ (Faith), ‘Strength Of Numbers’ (Unity), ‘Word Of Honor’ (Duty), and ‘Faith Grants This’ (Accuracy). Hahli travels back down the vine to Matau’s hut. Amazingly, the other vine now extends to the floor. Climbing it, Hahli discovers a dais on which rests the Crystal of Faith, which she places in her satchel.

The Crystal of Creation

Traveling to Po-Koro, Turaga Onewa has nothing but kind words for Hahli.

“Your performance in the Championship was remarkable, Hahli,” he compliments her. “No one expected Ga-Koro to be victorious. It was a stupendous effort, and you and your people should be very proud.”


“You will always be honored in Po-Koro!”

Hahli decides to investigate the large statue which she passed by on her travels to and from Po-Koro. Approaching it, she notices that the first doorway features a riddle and a keyhole, much like the other temples she has visited. Hahli fits the appropriate Charm in each of the keyholes, whose riddles read: ‘The Map to Victory’ (Strategy), ‘Pride Of Sculptors’ (Creation), ‘One For All’ (Unity), and ‘Strategy’s Designs’ (Destiny). Having unlocked all of the doors, Hahli enters a warmly-lit chamber with a pathway leading to a central dais. On it, Hahli discovers the Crystal of Creation, which she places in her satchel.

The Crystal of Courage

Having collected five of the six Crystals, Hahli travels to Ta-Koro to collect the final one. She greets the Guard Nuri as she enters the village. As soon as she enters the town square, however, she can see Agni sounding an alarm. Looking around, Hahli sees a large menacing creature scanning Ta-Koro with its gaze.

The Rahkshi have come.

The monsters lay waste to the village. Hahli helps the villagers flee, but there is nothing she can do to stop the vile creatures. Once she has safely escaped Ta-Koro, she stands on the far side of the moat with the rest of the refugees, looking out over the damage. To the horror of all present, the once-mighty village of Ta-Koro is sinking into the lake of lava.

Hahli fitting the Crystals into the Stones.

There is nothing she can do, so after comforting the survivors, Hahli starts along the Ta-Wahi path in the direction of Ga-Wahi. Eventually, she comes to a pathway leading down to the beach, but something catches her attention further down the path. Approaching it, she discovers it to be the Charm of Strength. Further still, there is a large structure featuring a carving of the Great Spirit.[1] Walking up the steps, Hahli notices that there is a doorway with a riddle and keyhole on it. Hahli fits the appropriate Charm in each of the keyholes, whose riddles read: ‘Conquers Fear’ (Courage), ‘Pride Of Guards’ (Duty), and ‘Might Of Heart And Limb’ (Strength). After she unlocks the final door, Hahli enters a chamber filled with a pool of lava and a walkway leading to a dais in the middle of the pool. Arriving at the dais, Hahli discovers the final Crystal, the Crystal of Courage.

Full Circle

Hahli returns to the pathway leading down to the beach. She travels along the beach, passing by a mysterious carving. Eventually, she arrives at a set of stairs carved in the rock, which she climbs. At the top of the rock formation, Hahli can see a telescope mounted on a spire of the rocky outcropping. At the opposite end, Hahli can see a ceremonial area with carvings meant to represent The Legend of Mata Nui. Upon closer examination, she notices that the six stones used to represent the Toa have symbols and keyholes carved into them. Each stone features the symbols associated with one of the Principles. Removing the Crystals from her satchel, she starts to fit each one into the corresponding stone. Each time she places a Crystal in the correct keyhole, a light begins to glow from the top of the stone.

Once she has fitted each stone with a Crystal, a glowing aura appears in the middle of ceremonial area. As Hahli gazes into the blinding light, she is reminded of the stifling dream she had before she was chosen as Ga-Koro’s Kolhii Champion. The light envelopes her until she cannot see anything, but it soon abates.

Hahli has been transported somewhere entirely different. Looking around to get her bearings, she realizes that she is near the Kini-Nui in the center of the island. There Hahli witnesses three more Rahkshi like the one she encountered in Ta-Koro fly overhead.

A New Page

Many days later, Hahli encounters Turaga Nokama. A lot has happened between the emergence of the Rahkshi and now. Through it all, Hahli had persevered, standing beside the seven Toa in the face of Makuta himself.

The Turaga shakes her head. “Yours has been a hard road Hahli, but you have persevered,” she tells Hahli. “Not all Matoran thought you were worthy of the challenge. But I saw what is in your heart and believed in you. Your Virtue unlocked the mystery of the Stones, and why they have stood so long. Now they have gathered us all here. Takua now walks among the great Toa. His role as Chronicler is forfeit. It is time for that honor to pass on to another special Matoran. It is your honor, Hahli, from this day forth. The boats are being crafted, Chronicler. Soon we will depart for Metra Nui. Ready yourself, for there many adventures to come!”

Hahli nods solemnly and then turns to stare out across the ocean.


  1. This conversation with Nokama was fan-written to replace the official dialogue that was lost.
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  1. Mask of Light, p. 18.