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Hafu and Kamen

Hahli returns to the crossroads in Mata Nui’s interior. Heading down the path that had been previously blocked by a waterfall, she notices that a makeshift log bridge has been placed across the chasm. Hahli crosses the bridge and enters Po-Wahi. From the path, Hahli can see a large structure out in the Dunes and a small hut with a pen of Rahi, but she does not stop to investigate. As she gets closer to the gate’s entrance, she can see two Po-Matoran working on statues of giant heads. One of the Matoran pauses to talk to Hahli.

“Ho ho, what is this?” he asks. “A fan? I am not signing autographs today, sorry!”

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“What?” he exclaims. “Surely you know the master carver Hafu when you see him?”

Hahli says, “Goodbye,” to which Hafu responds, “Goodbye!” The other Po-Matoran greets Hahli more cheerfully.

“Hello, Ga-Matoran!” he says.

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“I am Kamen, the Stonemason,” he replies. “I am constantly taking care of the sculptures, so that they do not Disintegrate!”

“Disintegrate?” she repeats.

Hafu and Kamen working on the stone sculptures.

“Time and weather take their toll on our great works, wearing them down into dust. The enemy of Creation is Disintegration!” he answers.

“Goodbye,” Hahli says.

Kamen responds, “Goodbye!”

Ally and Piatra

A little further up the road, the Ga-Matoran approaches the gates of Po-Koro, guarded by two Po-Matoran.

“Halt!” they command in unison.

“Who are you?” asks Hahli.

“I am Guard Ally,” the first responds.

“I am Guard Piatra,” says the second.

Hahli nods. The guards don’t seem talkative, so she tells them, “Goodbye.”

“Goodbye,” Ally responds.

“Goodbye,” Piatra concurs.

Turaga Onewa

Hahli enters the village near the south end of the Po-Koro Town Square. She heads towards the largest of the stone huts and enters it. Once inside, she is awed to find several giant Mata Nui Stones arranged around the room. A tall figure at the center of the formation turns to greet her.

“Welcome to Po-Koro, Hahli!” he says. “I’ve heard that Turaga Nokama chose you to be her Champion. You will find Hewkii and Hafu to be a great challenge; they have already beaten several other teams. I look forward to the match.”

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“I am Onewa, Turaga of Po-Koro,” he replies.

“Po-Koro?” she asks.

“Po-Koro, city of sand and rock, home of stonewrights and master carvers!” Onewa explains proudly. “Every etching and relief, every carven symbol, a tribute to Mata Nui, Toa Pohatu, and the Principle by which we live.”

“Principle?” Hahli enquires.

Bour, the Bricklayer, and Gadjati, the Hewer, contemplate often on what it means to be Po-Matoran. They can tell you more,” Onewa offers.

“Goodbye,” Hahli says.

“Good luck,” Onewa tells her, returning to his quiet contemplation.


As she is leaving Onewa’s hut, Hahli notices a Matoran standing in a doorway marked ‘Po-Koro Kolhii Field’. She approaches him and the Po-Matoran turns to speak to her.

“Hello! Fancy meeting a Ga-Matoran here,” he remarks. “Are you in town for the match?”

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“I am Gadjati the Hewer,” he says. “I cut the quarry-stone that we use to build and to carve into sculptures. It takes many Po-Matoran to make a great sculpture! United, we fulfill our Destiny!”

“Sculpture?” she enquires.

Hewkii, one of Po-Koro's Kolhii Champions.

“Mata Nui taught the Po-Matoran the Virtues of Unity and Destiny, and from them we learned the Principle!” explains Gadjati. “Speak to Bour the Brick-layer if you wish to know more of it. He is wise.”

“Goodbye,” Hahli says.

“Goodbye!” Gadjati responds.


Hahli enters a nearby hut. Inside, the Po-Matoran Hewkii is doing stretching exercises. He is surrounded by various trophies and a stuffed doll that bears a remarkable resemblance to Macku.

“Hello, Hahli!” he pauses to greet her. “It is good to see you again! I am getting ready for the championship.”

“Championship?” she asks.

“Well, we’ve beaten all the other teams,” states Hewkii. “We’re going to be one of the three that get to go to Ta-Koro for the championship! If you beat us, you might be one, too!”

“Goodbye,” Hahli says.

“Say hello to Macku for me!” Hewkii adds as he resumes his exercises.

Before Hahli leaves the hut, she notices a small object on the floor. Discovering it to be the Charm of Creation, she places it in her satchel.

Epena, Kivi, Pekka, and Bour

Back outside, Hahli approaches the Po-Matoran walking around in the northern end of the town square.

“Excuse me, I’m terribly busy,” he says.

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“I am Epena, the Quarry Master,” he replies.

“Goodbye,” Hahli says.

“Goodbye!” Epena responds briefly. Hahli heads toward the south part of the square. Three Matoran are walking around purposefully. The first acts a little more tersely than Epena, although he says much the same thing.

“Excuse me, I’m terribly busy,” he says.

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“I am Kivi, the Hewer,” he replies.

“Goodbye,” Hahli says.

“Goodbye!” Kivi nods.

Shockingly, her exchange with the second goes much the same way.

“Excuse me, I’m terribly busy,” he says.

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“I am Pekka, the Carpenter,” he replies.

“Goodbye,” Hahli says.

“Goodbye!” Pekka answers.

Fortunately, the third pauses to talk to Hahli. “A Ga-Matoran? Hello, and welcome!” he says.

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“I am Bour the Brick-layer,” he replies. “I lay the foundations upon which our sculptures are built. Every Matoran in Po-Koro creates great works! Creation is our life!”

“Creation?” she enquires.

“Creation is the Principle of Po-Koro,” Bour explains. “By combining the Virtues taught us by Mata Nui, we have become skilled in it!”

Hahli nods, saying, “Goodbye.”

“Goodbye!” Bour responds cheerfully.

Ahkmou's shop.


Hahli enters a small hut near the town’s gates. Inside, a Po-Matoran Trader named Ahkmou is selling his wares.[note 1]

“Welcome to my shop!” he says. “If you see anything you like, let me know. Also, I buy Bamboo Poles, Rope, Sailcloth, Nets, Rigging, Ore, Protodermis, Lightstones, and Bladders, if you have any.”

There is something shifty about this Matoran, so Hahli doesn’t linger long.


Deciding to investigate the hut on the outskirts of Po-Koro, Hahli leaves the village and walks down the path until she reaches it. Once inside, a Po-Matoran turns to speak to her.

“Hello, stranger,” he says. “What brings you out to the Dunes?”

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“I am Golyo the Mahi-herder,” he states.

“Mahi?” she asks.[note 2]

“I spend a lot of time in the Dunes, herding the Mahi,” Golyo explains. “It gives me time to think about Strategy.”

“Strategy?” Hahli repeats.

“The Principle we live by in Po-Koro teaches us Strategy,” Golyo says. “It is why we are so good at Kolhii, and why our sculptures are so well made. Herding Mahi is a great way to learn Strategy. I can show you, if you like!”

Hahli training in Strategy.

“I would like to train,” Hahli requests.

“Okay. Get ready, here they come!” Golyo exclaims.

Outside, Hahli is tasked with catching Mahi as they attempt to run by her. At first, there are only a few that move slowly and come sporadically. Soon, several Mahi are running quickly at once towards her, but she manages to catch them each time.

Hahli and Golyo tell each other, “Goodbye.” As Hahli turns to leave, however, she notices a small object on the floor of his hut. Discovering it to be the Charm of Strategy, she places it in her satchel.

The Po-Koro Match

Hahli returns to Po-Koro and enters Onewa’s hut once more.

“I am ready to face the team from Po-Koro,” she tells him.

“So it shall be!” Onewa exclaims. “Go to the Kolhii field and I will call on my players.”

Hahli arrives at the Po-Koro Kolhii Field, the entrance to which is located near Hewkii’s hut. There, she challenges the Po-Koro Kolhii Team. She and Macku are victorious.

After the match, Hahli hears the Po-Matoran congratulating her and commenting on the match:

“Pohatu’s Kakama! I can’t believe we lost!” many such as Kamen, Gadjati, Epena, Kivi, Pekka, and Bour exclaim.[note 3]

“You have Pohatu’s speed and skill, Ga-Matoran! Amazing victory!” Ally and Piatra together say.[note 4]

“That was an amazing game, Hahli!” Hewkii congratulates. “I shall have to practice hard for the championship!”[note 5]

“Unfair! Impossible! Unbelievable! It was Hewkii’s fault!” Hafu says bitterly.[note 6]

“You did it! Congratulations, Hahli! I bet Hewkii is surprised,” Golyo tells Hahli in private.[note 7]

“A remarkable victory, Hahli,” Onewa says graciously. “Hewkii was well known as the best Kolhii player in all of Mata Nui, and you have beaten him. Toa Pohatu and all of Po-Koro are amazed!”[note 8]


  1. The scene of Ahkmou's shop is called AkmuosShop, suggesting Akmuo may have been an early name for Ahkmou.
  2. Curiously, this game is the only BIONICLE media where the Rahi are renamed “Mahi” instead of “Maha.”
  3. If Hahli lost, then all these Matoran say, “We won! Hewkii and Hafu are great Kolhii players, aren’t they!”
  4. If Hahli lost, then Ally and Piatra say, “Too bad, Ga-Matoran. No one beats Hewkii!”
  5. If Hahli lost, then Hewkii says, “You are a tough competitor, Hahli! I sure am beat. I hope we can play again, though! Maybe even in the championship!”
  6. If Hahli lost, then Hafu says, “Well, there’s no shame in being beaten by the best, Hahli!”
  7. If Hahli lost, then Golyo says, “I saw the match. Not bad, but you could use more Strategy.”
  8. If Hahli lost, then Onewa says, “A well played match, Hahli. There is only so much one can do against the great champions of Po-Koro.”
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