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  • When playing the game, typing the word "kapura" brings up a box showing the framerate. Pressing numbers on the keyboard causes mysterious things to happen. Pressing '2' creates a green grid that appears all over the screen, and pressing '1' will make it go away. Pressing '8' reloads the screen and fixes any glitches, excluding the Nokama and Le-Koro glitches. The Le-Koro glitch can be beaten another way.
    • The player should ensure that the framerate is up and then play against Le-Koro. Upon winning, '8' should be pressed when the horn sounds, before the next screen appears, but after the horn. The screen will reload and one can get safely out, having beaten Le-Koro.
  • If stuck on a charm hole, the player should type "kapura" and click the riddle (If there is one). Pressing "0" should cause a white box to come up. Clicking the red dot beside "Loading" will give the name of the Charm needed in a manner something like the following:
    • "Loading---loading riddle.dutyLe-koro"
  • Widgets can be made by buying Kolhii Balls in Po-Koro for 1 Widget and selling them in Ta-Koro for 2 Widgets. Also, 25 Widgets can be obtained by giving Aiyetoro a Lightstone in Onu-Koro. This can only be done once. Giving Macku a Kolhii stick before Nokama returns causes her to give the player 100 widgets.
  • All 6 Crystals (each one named after the Principle) can be obtained. If stuck on a Charms door with no Charm, the tab cheat can be used. The tab key should be pressed until a small box appears around the middle of the door, and then the space bar should be pressed. Hahli will walk through the door, climb an invisible vine, etc. This may require a few tries.
  • After the championship is completed the player cannot return to Ta-Koro until they have all the Crystals. The red one is not needed, though, and the player should not try to return before all the other Crystals have been obtained because Ta-Koro will be attacked and sink into the lava, cutting the player off from the rest of the island and making it impossible to finish the game.
  • There are 2 ways to complete the game after the championship (which is just a cutscene). The player can
  1. Ensure that all the crystals have been found (It is not necessary to have the red one) before playing the championship. Then the player can get the Courage and Duty Charms and leave Ta-Koro. If the tab cheat is not being used, the player should obtain the green and blue crystal. Then the player can return to Ta-Koro. The destruction of Ta-Koro cutscene will commence and at its conclusion, the player will be able to find the Temple of Courage and obtain the red Crystal.
  2. After playing the championship, the Duty and Courage Charms should be obtained. All the crystals except the red one should be found, going back across the bridge and traveling to the other villages. After that, the player may return and get the red one.
  • Upon returning to Ta-Koro, Hahli will be hit by a Rahkshi and will end up outside the Ta-Koro temple. The red crystal should be acquired at this point if it has not been before as one will be unable to return to any other cities. After going to the beach and climbing up the stairway, all 6 crystals should be inserted into the correct slots, judging by the respective symbols.
  • When in the flooded mine shaft, the player can wait at the bottom of the screen until the air is at 1%, then quickly go to the next level of the mine. The player should then have unlimited air. It will appear empty, however.
  • Nokama's speech glitch cannot be fixed. The file (called "NokamaConversion"), due to a loss of information, does not work anymore. The only way to get around this is if the team at Ga-Koro has already been beaten.
  • Nixie's hut glitch cannot be fixed. Due to a loss of information, the hut cannot be entered. The only way to get around this is if the player has already gone into the hut and done what they wanted to do. Nixie does not have to be seen to complete the game.
  • In a rare glitch in the strength minigame, the screen will go black, but once it is fixed with the above glitch fixer, the player will end up with a very large amount of whatever supplies are present in the bag.
  • When playing Kolhii, if Macku catches the ball, but Hahli is close enough to her, she will not throw it to her. At that point, the enemy forward will run to Hahli and Macku but will be stuck in a running (in place) sequence. However, the timer keeps ticking. This effectively freezes the game until the timer runs out, so if the player currently has more points than the other team, this glitch can be used to win the match.
  • If Hahli always goes whatever direction she automatically faces in the Drifts, she will eventually reach either Kantai's hut, the Temple of Peace, or the ledge holding a Charm.


Disk Throwing

This is the first minigame played. After obtaining the disk from Amaya, one goes to the bridge. The Disk is to be selected from the bag. When Hahli holds the Disk in her hands, the player should click on the stone, and Hahli will throw the disk at the stone. She can miss the stone with her Disk, so the stone should be clicked on multiple times to hit it. The numbers that appear indicate the Accuracy of the Disk Throwing. If the number is less than 20, Hahli succeeds and hits the stone. If it is over 20, Hahli fails, and the disk returns to her.

Takea Catching

A great stock of Air Bladders is required. (This is because every time an Air Bladder is used, it will disappear and eventually the Air Bladders will finish, forcing the player to return.) Hahli should go to Pelagia and ask her to take her somewhere. On the map, the coordinates C-9 should be selected. Once in the water, the player should dive down until the shark is in sight. Pressing on it will cause the chase to begin. At the bottom-right corner is the gauge with the remaining air level. When it is empty Hahli will have to swim back to the Boat. So every time when it is almost empty, the player should open the backpack and use a Bladder. The Takea will swim away when almost caught three times. Each time the shark is clicked on, Hahli will move forward. So clicking on the shark many times in a row causes Hahli to move quickly. However, the clicks should not be too fast, because this will make Hahli swim slower. Once the shark has been caught, one Speed point is gained. The more Speed points obtained, the farther Hahli must swim in order to catch the shark. Tip: the more Stamina training the player has done with Taipu, the longer it takes for the air level to go down. If one has enough Stamina, the Air Bladders become obsolete, and she can take the Takea with one bar of air.

Rock Carrying

The player must go to Taipu after beating the Onu-Koro team at Kolhii and after giving Dosne the Digger. This minigame is very simple. At the bottom-right corner of the screen is the Stamina bar, which runs out slowly. Clicking the left mouse button over and over again as fast as possible will make Hahli move forward and fill the Stamina bar up. The player should do this until Hahli reaches a pile of rocks at the end, where she will drop the stone, gaining one Stamina point.

Ice Pole Balancing

This minigame is simple but hard. Moving the cursor left and right of Hahli causes her to sway in that specific direction, in order to make her balance. But if the Ice Pole goes too much in one direction, Hahli will try to find balance by moving her arms. If Hahli is let to balance in the middle so she does not move her arms at all for a few seconds, a Willpower point will be obtained.

Disk Toss

The Disk Toss game

The idea of Disk Toss is to click the moving targets accurately to make them fall. Five targets need to be hit in order to gain an Accuracy point. The more Accuracy points gained, the faster the targets move. There's a time limit in the minigame; when too much time has been taken, the game ends and an Accuracy point is not attained.

Rock Throwing

Right by Ta-Koro's Kolhii stadium is a ladder Hahli can climb down to find Keahi. Using a Kolhii Ball, Hahli has to knock a stone pillar into the lava. However, it will only hit by correctly timing the meter at the bottom of the screen (when the moving line goes above the yellow line). Upon hitting the target, Hahli will get a Strength point. The more Strength points acquired, the faster the moving bar moves, and the higher the yellow bar is set at, making the game harder.

Mahi Catching

Mahi Catching mini game

On the way to Po-Koro is a hut inhabited by Golyo, a Mahi herder. As his Mahi run toward Hahli, the player must click on them to make Hahli reach them before they reach the other end of the screen, successfully herding them. After herding all the Mahi, the player will get a Strategy point. The more Strategy points acquired, the more Mahi must be herded.

Kolhii Skills

All six skills have their own unique effects on Kolhii, and some have other effects on the rest of the game.


The Accuracy skill affects the maximum deviation from the intended angle of any shot in Kolhii, as well as the chance of catching or blocking a shot from opponents.

At 0 Accuracy, when making a shot, the direction the ball travels can be anywhere within a 90° cone centered on the direction the player intends the ball to go; in other words, the shot can travel up to 45° away in either direction from where the player clicks. Each point of Accuracy decreases the cone by 0.85°, down to a minimum of 5° at 100 Accuracy. When the player is fatigued, the accuracy cone doubles, but cannot go higher than 90°.

A player's probability of catching a ball is based on the player's accuracy and the velocity of the ball.

When a is the player's accuracy, P is the catch chance, and v is the ball's velocity,

P = a + 50 - v x 10

When the player is fatigued, the catch chance is halved. When the player attempts to intercept a ball, a random number between 0 and 100 (inclusive) is picked. If the random number is less than the catch chance, the ball will successfully be caught. If the random number is greater than the catch chance but less than the catch chance plus 20, the ball will be blocked, but not caught. Otherwise, the ball will not be intercepted and will pass through.


The Speed skill affects a player's running speed (only during Kolhii), as well as Hahli's swimming speed.

At 0 Speed, a Matoran's base running speed in Kolhii is 0.8. Each point of Speed increases the base running speed by 0.015, up to a maximum of 2.3 at 100 Speed. When the player is fatigued, the running speed is halved.

Each point of Speed increases Hahli's swimming speed by 1% (additively), up to double swim speed at 100 Speed.


The Stamina skill affects how quickly a player gets tired while playing Kolhii, as well as how long Hahli can hold her breath underwater.

At 0 Stamina, Hahli can hold her breath underwater for 30 seconds. Each point of Stamina increases this by 2.7 seconds, up to a maximum of 300 seconds (or five minutes) at 100 Stamina.


The Strategy skill affects a player's chances of stealing the ball from an opponent in Kolhii, as well as the opponent's chances of stealing the ball from the player.

When a player attempts to steal the ball, the Strategy scores of the player and the ball holder are retrieved. Fatigued players will have their Strategy scores halved for the purposes of this calculation.

When s is the stealing player's Strategy, h is the ball holder's Strategy, and P is the steal chance,

P = 20 + s - h


The Strength skill affects the maximum velocity at which a player can throw the ball.

At 0 Strength, the maximum velocity at which a player can throw a ball is 3. Each point of strength increases this by 0.07 up to a maximum of 10 at 100 Strength.

If the player is making a shot into the goal, the ball will be thrown orthogonally at the maximum velocity, with a vertical velocity of 0. Otherwise, the desired velocity is calculated based on the distance to the target.

When v is the desired velocity and d is the distance to the target,

v = √(0.1 x d / 2)

If the maximum velocity is greater than double the desired velocity, the ball will be thrown toward the target with orthogonal and vertical velocities equal to 1.2 times the desired velocity. Otherwise, the ball will be thrown toward the target with orthogonal and vertical velocities equal to half of the maximum velocity.


The Willpower skill affects the chance of being stunned when successfully blocking (but not catching) a ball, as well as the duration of said stun.

When a ball is blocked but not caught, a "willpower chance" is calculated based on the blocking player's Willpower skill and the ball's velocity. When P is the willpower chance, w is the player's Willpower skill, and v is the ball's velocity,

P = w + 125 - v x 25

If the calculated willpower chance is greater than or equal to a random number between 0 and 100 (independent from the roll used to determine whether the ball was caught or blocked), the player will not be stunned. Otherwise, the player will be stunned for a number of "KoliStunned" actions equal to one-twentieth of the difference of previously generated random number minus the calculated willpower chance.

Skills of other Matoran

All Matoran have their own pre-defined skill scores which determine how well they play.

Matoran Team Position Accuracy Speed Stamina Strategy Strength Willpower
Hahli Ga-Koro Player 0* 0* 0* 0* 0* 0*
Macku Ga-Koro Goalie 0* 10* 40* 70* 10* 10*
Taipu Onu-Koro Goalie 10 10 100 60 10 10
Onepu Onu-Koro Player 10 10 75 10 10 10
Matoro Ko-Koro Player 20 20 20 20 20 60
Kopeke Ko-Koro Goalie 20 20 20 75 20 60
Tamaru Le-Koro Goalie 60 30 30 100 30 30
Kongu Le-Koro Player 60 30 30 30 30 30
Jaller Ta-Koro Goalie 40 40 40 85 60 40
Takua Ta-Koro Player 40 40 40 40 60 40
Hewkii Po-Koro Player 50 50 50 60 50 50
Hafu Po-Koro Goalie 50 50 50 150 50 50

Of note, however, is that Macku's stats are actually calculated afterward based on Hahli's stats, so the numbers listed for her here aren't actually relevant. For all skills except for Strategy, Macku's skills are 10 points lower than Hahli's skills but locked to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 50. Macku's Strategy skill is 60 points higher than Hahli's, at a maximum of 150.


  • If the ball holder's Strategy is 20 points higher than the opposing player's, the opposing player will be completely unable to steal from the ball holder unless the ball holder is fatigued.
    • Because of this, a viable strategy can be to raise one's Strategy to a minimum of 20 points higher than the player (not the goalie) on the opposing team, take the lead in a game, and then hold the ball near the middle of the field until the match ends, as the opposing player will be unable to steal the ball and the opposing goalie won't be able to get close enough to attempt to steal it.
  • It's generally unnecessary to train in Willpower, as it's only relevant if the ball is blocked but not caught. It's more efficient to train Accuracy instead to ensure that the ball is caught and not blocked.
  • Beware of training Strength too much more than Accuracy, as any missed shot on the goal can bounce off the wall and into one's own net, and Macku will not be likely to intercept it.

Things To Know

  • Widgets are the currency used on Mata Nui.
  • When talking to someone, clicking on "I Have More Questions...", near the bottom reveals more questions that can be asked.
  • Plants, like Seaweed and Bamboo, and various other things, such as Cowrie Shells, will grow back after they have been collected.
  • There are notes all over Mata Nui, especially in Ga-Koro, which are not always necessary to read.
  • If the player does not have enough supplies to trade, they must walk around Mata Nui and gather more.
  • Occasionally a Matoran will not be found in their hut. This is because they often walk around, so the player should simply wait in the hut until the Matoran returns.
  • Going to Nixie will allow the player the option of restarting their game.
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