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Realm of Earth

The guard post

Takua nears Onu-Koro’s village gate, stopping when he reaches the two guards posted there.

“Halt! Who goes there!” shouts the first.

“Yeah -- who goes there!” his companion reiterates.

Takua is about to answer when the first speaks again. “I already said that!” the first guard states sharply, turning to his comrade, annoyed.

“Said what?”

“Who goes there!”

“Why are you asking me?”

After sorting out the confusion, the guards allow Takua passage.


As he arrives in the village, Takua is intercepted by an anxious Matoran. “Our village is in desperate need of your help! We fear that the Vatuka Beast has Whenua and he is being held captive in the passageways to the east! You will need Vakama’s Firestaff to see your way in the dark tunnels. It can be found in the village.”

Takua agrees to help if he can, and he hurries through the village to find any clues he can. As he goes, he cannot help overhearing worrisome snippets of conversation that sounded increasingly dire.[note 1]

“Did you know that the Drill of Whenua has been lost?”

“I’ve heard the Drill of Whenua lets you quickly tunnel under the Earth…”

“I’m sure Whenua will be happy when the Drill of Whenua has been found!”

“Whenua was last seen near the mines…”

“Have you gone into the mines yet?”

“I’ve heard a dangerous rock creature lives in the mines.”

“Someone told me there are infected Hoi living in the mines!”

“Have you ever seen a Hoi?”

“Hoi turtles make great stepping stones!”

Takua knows he can attest to this, but he cannot linger long. As he combs the village for clues, he spots Vakama’s Firestaff resting not far from the village Suva. The adjustable glow of the Firestaff lets him see more clearly in the caverns, and by flashing it he can stun opponents with night vision.

Along one of the underground rivers, one of the Onu-Matoran squints at him. “Our village elder, Whenua, has gone deep into the mines. You will need to find him and return here afterwards.”

Takua does not appreciate the tone of this Matoran, but he understands the urgency. His patience is tried still further when the same Matoran asks, “Haven’t you found Whenua yet? Try looking some more.”

Catching himself before he does something rash, Takua leaves.

If he is to find Whenua, he must find the right path into the mines. He spots a path to the village’s northwest, but as he’s approaching, he catches the attention of a Matoran blocking the path.

“I am Onepu, the greatest of all Ussal crab racers in Onu-Koro,” the Matoran says. “The sacred Toa Onua Stone has been stolen from Kini-Nui, the largest temple on Mata Nui! With our Toa Stone stolen, we need a champion to recover it. Do you think you are good enough to search for the Toa Stone?”

Takua quickly explains that he is here to find Whenua, not the Toa Stone. Onepu seems to understand, and Takua moves off, spotting another path branching off the village’s northernmost side. As he is getting close, someone else stops him.

“Takua! Wait! I am Taipu, who stands to the right of Whenua during the Great Takara. Something terrible has happened to Whenua! He went to inspect the mines, and we haven’t seen him since. You have to find him!”[note 2]

The traveler agrees, asking for directions and Taipu points him in the right direction, to the path on the westernmost edge of the village. Takua heads over and descends into the mine.

Finding Whenua

The mines

The Firestaff gives him light along the way wherever lightstones do not, and it does an adequate job of scaring off most Rahi. Usually it is enough to hurl Madu fruits to knock their masks off, but every now and then, he would have to ward them off with the light of the Firestaff. Contrary to the fears of the Onu-Matoran he does not encounter any infected Hoi, but at almost every turn of the vast, winding cavern he encounters blue bugs and yellow Fikou.

To his alarm, he finds himself also contending with no small amount of natural hazards as well. As he walks, boulders fall out of the wall and roll at him, and stalactites fall from the ceiling as he passes under them. Their noise is usually enough warning for him to get away, but the further he wanders, the more this happens and the more he wonders if he’s contending with the Makuta himself.

Unfortunately, it is when there seemed to be nothing except Rahi and unsafe mining conditions that Takua starts to panic. How deep is he? Did he make a wrong turn? Should he turn back? The tunnel has seemingly gone for hours--or has it been days?

Takua is on the verge of turning around and taking his chances finding his way back when small tremors nearly shake him off his feet. Vibrations in the ground seem to be coming from up ahead, where the tunnel branch ends in a room-like cavern. Dousing the light, Takua leans around the entryway to get a look inside.

The room only has a couple of lightstones embedded in its ceiling, but as Takua’s eyes adjust, his heart sinks.

It’s Whenua. Locked in a cage and suspended in the air.

There is no way to tell if he is alive or not, but it is definitely the Turaga. His arms drape through the bars.

Takua’s already-dim vision blackens briefly and he feels a swift breeze sweep past. A terrifying chill goes up his back. Something has passed in front of him in the room. The name spoken by Onu-Matoran at his entry to the village returns to him.

The Vatuka


The shape moves in front of Whenua again. As it doubles back this time, though, it turns underneath the light of the other lightstone, allowing some brief illumination on its features. It is a hulking form with a head and arms, but moves on a pile of rock from the waist down. The boulders constituting its form ripple as it patrols the cavern, and it is easily two to three times Takua’s height.

Takua doesn’t even consider fleeing. Lunging forward, the Matoran runs forward into the cave, prompting the Vatuka to spin and immediately engage. Its arms reach out for him and its face of rock twists into a bellow. But before it gets close enough to physically attack either of them, it raises its arms and roars. In response, lifeless rocks spontaneously roll toward each other, forming three smaller rock creatures bearing the likeness of the large Vatuka.

Takua freezes in his tracks. Now what?

The stone elemental itself wastes no time, and as it advances, Takua desperately hurls Madu fruits, stones, and whatever he can get his hands on. Somehow they seem to work, for the Vatuka looks weakened by the barrage.

The monster is now within arm’s length of Takua, and as it rises to its full, towering height, Takua throws one last desperate Madu fruit. The projectile strikes the monster right in its core, and the Vatuka keels backward as its rocks either fragment or separate. The smaller creatures are coming back, but Takua quickly knock them apart temporarily. The stone elementals appear to be defeated, though the traveler does not want to stick around to see if it will last.

As the traveler takes one last cautionary look at the stone elemental, he spots a glowing green object nestled in among the broken form. Taking tentative steps forward, he pushes the stones aside and retrieves the glowing object. The moment he makes contact with it he feels a sort of shock, like a jolt of energy and strength. New power wells within him and he feels ready to take on another Vatuka.

An Amana Volo Sphere, Takua realizes. He has heard of these objects, although he has never possessed any himself. Perhaps it is this sphere that gave this Vatuka its unnatural strength, beyond any others of its kind, in the task of guarding the Turaga. No doubt it is the Makuta who gave it to the elemental beast in the first place.

There is a groan within the cage, and the Matoran races over. Though the prison itself appears sealed shut, he spies two platforms in the ground resembling those outside the Onu-Koro gate. Rolling two large boulders over, he rests them on the platforms, triggering the mechanisms of the prison. The cage holding Whenua descends, and the doors fall open.

“Thank you for rescuing me! You’re quite the adventurer. We had better get back to Onu-Koro! There is much that I must tell you. Follow me!” Whenua shouts, hobbling out and hurrying into the tunnels Takua has emerged from.

A New Quest

“It is a time of great danger, Takua,” begins Turaga Whenua. The pair are back in the safety of Onu-Koro again. “The island of Mata Nui is under siege by the evil Makuta! Dangerous beasts wearing the infected masks of Makuta roam the land. Each of the six villages on Mata Nui are in danger! I have heard that some of my fellow Turaga are missing… …and their tools, like Vakama’s Firestaff, have been scattered about the island. Makuta has also stolen the sacred Toa Stones that are used to tell the legends! You must seek out the Toa Onua Stone in the passageways north of here. If the Toa Stones are not recovered, the Legend of Mata Nui cannot be told.”

Whenua stops and looks away, as if he were grappling with the decision to say something. “Alas, that is not the end of it. The Vuata Maca Tree that provides fruit to our village has been poisoned! Only by finding the two Vuata Maca crystals and returning them to the tree can it be healed.”

Takua hesitates. When he came to Onu-Koro, he had not expected to be entrusted with such a heavy task. But with the village in such peril, can he refuse?

He accepts.

Whenua is so grateful for the traveler’s courage that he supplies him with a prized Volo Lutu Launcher, which can fire a projectile at objects and pull them to Takua or him to them depending on which is heavier.

Emboldened, Takua heads back through the village. As he goes, he spots a purple and green Matoran fretting near a tree. As he approaches, the Treekeeper looks at him with fearful eyes.[note 3]

“Our village is in desperate need of your help! The nearby Vuata Maca Tree that is the source of food and energy to our people has been poisoned.” As he speaks, he gestures to the tree beside him. “In order to restore this tree to health, you must find two Vuata Maca Tree crystals and bring them to me. Someone has also stolen our sacred Toa Onua Stone! Please help us, Takua!”

The rotting Vuata Maca Tree

As Takua looks closer, he realizes he has never seen such a rotten, withered tree. Black voids represent the niches where the crystals belong.

Takua agrees.

Onepu is still where Takua had last seen him, but he seems busy. Taipu, on the other hand, has disappeared and the northern passage he was in front of appears open now.

Instead of retracing his steps through the tunnel where he found Whenua, Takua feels compelled to explore new territory as he searches for the crystals and stone. He follows the tunnel into the depths.

The Toa Onua Stone

The northern passage

More Rahi assail Takua as he descends. This tunnel also features swarms of blue bugs and yellow Fikou, as well as wild orange Ussal crabs that tunnel through the dirt, jumping out of the walls to attack.

As the tunnel winds down, he encounters a vast underground pool spilling out of the walls and flooding the tunnel. For a moment he is at a loss about how he can cross, but then he sees a prominent stalagmite on the other side. That stalagmite might work well as an anchor point for the Volo Lutu, he realizes.

Lowering his Firestaff, he takes aim where he had seen the rock spike. A pull of the trigger sends the red sphere flying from the tool straight forward, where it disappears into the darkness. A distant ring indicates it has stuck to the stalagmite.

He takes a step closer to the edge and slings the Firestaff to his back. Closing his eyes tightly, he triggers the retraction control. The launcher--carrying a terrified Matoran--flies to the unmovable point of contact across the gap. When the launcher connects again with the sphere, the latter releases its grip on the stalagmite.

Takua is exhilarated, and the launcher does not seem nearly so daunting after that. Takua quickly begins making faster pace through the caves.

In one side passage he finds the first Vuata Maca crystal, which glows green and surprises him with its largeness. Further along he finds an abandoned mining elevator which he rides up.

The upper mine

At the top of the shaft, Takua climbs out of the elevator. Just outside, he discovers some explosive projectiles called Madu Cabolo, which he bags for later. The second Vuata Maca crystal isn’t too far away, and as he looks around he spies a suspicious pile of rocks seemingly blocking off the rest of the cavern. Realizing the Madu Cabolo would be perfect to blow away the barricade, he hurls one. The pile shatters to reveal the Toa Onua Stone.

The Great Ussal Race

As Takua pulls the first of the Vuata Maca crystals from his bundle, the Treekeeper’s eyes widen.

“Excellent work! You’ve recovered the first half of the Vuata Maca Tree crystal. There is still one more you must find.”

No sooner does he say this than Takua produces the second. The Treekeeper jumps for joy. “Onua be praised! You’ve recovered both of the Vuata Maca Tree crystals. Place them in the tree to return it to health.”

As Takua inserts the crystals into niches in the tree’s trunk, the gardener backs away. The crystals glow brighter to the point where they were no longer visible. The color of the tree’s trunk change from withered red-orange back to a lively green once more. The crystals’ niches pulsate with energy, and the ends of the branches curl around spheres of energy that will eventually mature into Vuata Maca Fruit.

The Treekeeper turns to Takua gratefully, an Amana Volo Sphere in his outstretched hands. To his surprise, the sphere resembles the one he had found in the possession of the Vatuka. Much like before, as he takes the sphere from the Treekeeper, he feels new strength flooding his form. Merely possessing these powerful objects is enough to sustain him.

The restored Vuata Maca Tree

“You have done well, Takua!” says Whenua. “All of Onu-Koro is filled with pride. We celebrate your success, but my heart is also filled with sadness… …for the news from the other villages is not good. You must go to the other villages and help them! Go to the northwest passage to make your way to Ga-Koro.”

Takua nods, knowing that if he can deliver word of his adventure in Onu-Koro to the Ga-Matoran, he may be able to help the same disaster from happening there. He hurries to the northwest passage, but a grinning Onepu is waiting for him there.

“You have done well, Takua,” he smiles. “To continue you must first race me, Onepu, the greatest of all the Ussal Crab racers! Collect all eight buried crystals to win. Each crystal will give you special abilities.”

The Onu-Matoran are joyous, and Takua has earned a brief moment of respite. He agrees.

The Great Ussal Race

The game, as Takua quickly learns, is straightforward enough. Titled “The Great Ussal Race,” it tasks Matoran mounted on Ussal Crabs with navigating a small labyrinth of tunnels and retrieving crystals. Takua has had his fill of this sort of job already, but the Onu-Matoran are honoring him by letting him compete. To sweeten the deal and even the odds, Onepu even generously lends Takua one of his best Ussal crabs.

The game is over fast, and to Takua’s shock, the skill of the Ussal has carried the day. Yet even without his crab, Onepu has performed exceptionally, and Taipu has demonstrated his raw might. As the teams shuffle back into the village, Takua overhears some commentators remarking on the game and its players.

“If you win all the village games, you get the Copper Mask!”

“Have you raced Ussal Crabs against Onepu yet?”

“I think Onepu cheats! How can he be so good?”

“Onepu is an awesome Ussal Crab rider.”

“Taipu and Onepu are the best of friends.”

“I’ve heard that Taipu can lift many times his own weight…”

“Taipu is the strongest villager in all of Onu-Koro.”

Some villagers from the island’s other Koro are even present, although they murmur their quiet frustrations with the region.

“It’s so damp in this village.”

“It’s so damp and musty undergound. I’d rather live high up in the trees in Le-Koro!”

“The Vuata Maca Fruit on every level will help you recharge your energy.”

Onepu offers to race Takua again, but the traveler politely declines. As the Matoran villagers bask in the excitement, Whenua pulls Takua aside.

“Thank you for getting our Toa Stone back! You are now free to go to the next village.”

Now free to proceed along the northwest passage, Takua makes his way to Ga-Koro.


  1. Each village’s generic dialogue occurs randomly and in no order. For the purposes of this walkthrough, each line has been sorted and organized within their respective chapters to break them up and distribute them.
  2. Taipu’s mask and appearance are randomized like regular villagers.
  3. No official title or names exist for the Matoran who care for the Vuata Maca Trees, although the Nintendo Power Advance magazine refers to them as "Wizards."
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